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What are the design methods in the bag shape design method?

by:Xilong      2020-04-24
In bag design, the nine commonly used design methods are body change design method, retro design method, reverse design method, series design method, combination design method, change design method, exaggerated design method, bionic design method and addition and subtraction design method, so let's take a look at what design methods are in the bag body design method! Before telling the design method of bag shape design, first understand the shape design method. Bag shape design method is the most commonly used method for beginners of bag design, this method is mainly to make changes in shape, line, structure, proportion, etc. between the package and the components. The design method of the bag shape is as follows: 1. Cutting and repairing method: This method is mainly to cut or subsidize bags. 2. Exchange method: the exchange method is to exchange the structure and accessories of the bag. 3. Inversion Method: This is mainly a method of adjusting and changing the body up and down or left and right. 4. Compression and stretching method: compression and stretching is a method of adjusting a new shape according to the compression or stretching of the shape. 5. Displacement method: mainly transfer or extend the hardware accessories of accessories, or craft features, etc. 6. Jumping method: it is to apply the same feature to different parts, thus forming overall coordination and forming a series to make it dynamic and active. Customized bags, in addition to understanding what design methods are in the bag design method, it is mainly necessary to understand the strength of the manufacturer. A strong manufacturer will have a professional designer team, at the same time, we will have the top-level bag design standard, and Xilong bags happen to have a professional research and development design team. If you have the idea of customizing bags, please call us for advice!
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