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What are the common schoolbag brands among students?

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
Nowadays, children's requirements for schoolbags are not only schoolbags, but also choose according to the brand in schoolbags. Each brand of schoolbags has its own characteristics, moreover, it is also divided into kindergartens, primary school students and middle school students to monopolize the market. What are the common schoolbag brands among students? Xilong bags are recommended according to the level of students. 1. The brand of schoolbag in kindergarten. The common schoolbag brands in kindergartens are Mickey schoolbag, Disney schoolbag and Barbie schoolbag. The most important reason for the hot sale of these kindergarten schoolbag brands is that'Childhood'. In the childhood of children, there will be no lack of the company of Mickey Mina and Donald Duck. The little girl in the kindergarten is not less than the doll of Barbie doll, and Disney is a children's paradise that every parent wants to take their children. These schoolbag brands grasp the childlike psychology of kindergarten children, let cartoon characters go deep into children's childhood, and design and develop a series of schoolbag styles of cartoon characters to satisfy children's childhood. Xilong bag series customized for Tsinghua Primary School 2. Schoolbag brand among primary school students. In fact, there are three kinds of schoolbag brands for primary school students, but as students grow up, they also begin to contact Hello Kitty, Cartier and cool dog brands, in fact, what is different from kindergarten children is that the color coverage is reduced in design, the types of colors are fewer, and the characters of cartoons are unchanged. 3. The brand of schoolbag above middle school students. The minds of middle school students are gradually becoming mature, so the popular brands of schoolbags are these types of schoolbags such as Hendry, Willy Bao and Cartier. The characteristic of these schoolbags is to simplify the color, which is basically 1- The matching of the two colors is also less decorative and requires more simplicity and practicality, so there will be more space storage. The above three types can enable schools to customize schoolbags belonging to their own school brands according to the characteristics of students, which can not only satisfy the love of students at different levels, but also achieve the purpose of promoting school brands, stand out among other school brands.
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