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What are the common mistakes in backpack customization?

by:Xilong      2020-03-21
The misunderstanding of backpack customization is mainly aimed at Laymen's customers. Since many customers with backpack customization needs are people outside the industry, they do not know some relevant details of backpack customization, therefore, it is easy to go into some misunderstandings in customizing backpacks. Below, Xilong luggage manufacturers will tell you what are the common misunderstandings in customizing backpacks. Let's understand them together. 1, pay attention to a penny for a customized backpack can not blindly emphasize the low price, but ignore the quality. Enterprise custom backpack is mostly as a corporate gift, corporate gift is a symbol of corporate image, quality can not be ignored. Whether it is to send employees or send customers, once there is a quality problem, it will inevitably cause harm to the corporate image, make employees feel disappointed with the company, and lose the trust of customers. And the price is one point, the low price is doomed to make a very good quality backpack, customers must clearly recognize this before customizing the backpack. 2, pay attention to the delivery time backpack customization is not like buying spot styles, manufacturers according to the customer's requirements of the style to buy materials, open materials, large goods production and so on are to take a certain amount of time, the length of backpack customization depends on the quantity and the difficulty of the style. The common backpack customization cycle is 10- About 15 days, so customers should pay attention to the time schedule when customizing. Don't think that as long as you place an order with the customer, you can get the goods in a very short time. This is still impossible, customers should pay attention to arranging their own time. 3, pay attention to the appropriate extraction of common opinions, some customers in the custom backpack, will be very stubborn to ask manufacturers to produce according to their own ideas, but sometimes not the manufacturers do not want to help you, but there are some things that can't be done by technical restrictions. Therefore, when customers customize backpacks, they should pay attention to the opinions of manufacturers to avoid getting into trouble. Xilong luggage is a professional backpack manufacturer. All kinds of backpacks can be customized according to customer requirements, materials and colors can be changed, and cost production can also be controlled to meet customer requirements, it can also be redesigned and customized according to customer requirements, and has been committed to providing valuable personalized backpack customization services!
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