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What are the common fabrics for men's business bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
When attending business activities, men cannot leave a simple and generous business bag. Business bags are usually used to place documents or items needed for daily office work. They not only facilitate men's work, but also enhance men's temperament. However, many men do not know much about business. Below, Xiao Bian will talk about the fabrics commonly used in men's business bags. What are the common fabrics for men's business bags? 1. Genuine leather. Genuine Leather is the most commonly used fabric for high-grade business bags, referring to animal skin, especially cowhide. The business bag made of leather feels tight and soft, and is more durable. 2. PU leather. PU leather is also called synthetic leather or artificial leather. This fabric is made of resin, chemical fiber and other synthetic materials. PU leather after processing, its appearance and feel effect can be comparable to the leather, but the price is lower. 3, canvas. Most casual business bags use canvas as the main fabric, and canvas can make a variety of shapes, making the surface more aesthetic. 4, nylon. Nylon is a high-grade composite chemical fiber material, which has very good air permeability, portability, wear resistance and water resistance, so nylon bags are more popular and very common.
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