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What are the common fabrics for men's business backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
Business backpacks are more and more popular with men. The main reason is that business backpacks are not only fashionable and generous in appearance, but also suitable for work and life. Therefore, men are very convenient to use and have great temperament, all these benefits from the design and fabric selection of men's backpacks. So, what are the commonly used men's business backpack fabrics? First, genuine leather, genuine leather is one of the commonly used men's business backpack fabrics, and genuine leather generally chooses to use animal skin, especially cowhide. Compared with other leathers, the men's business backpack will feel soft and comfortable and very durable. Second, compared with genuine leather, synthetic leather PU leather also has a lot of men's choices at present, mainly due to the leather effect and hand feeling of PU leather after processing, they are not much different from genuine leather. The most important thing is that their price is low and they are very suitable for the choice of men's business backpack fabrics commonly used by the public. Three, nylon, commonly used in men's business backpack fabric, nylon is also the leader in the fabric, mainly nylon fabric is very waterproof, wear resistance, and is very light and breathable, it is one of the fabrics that men prefer now. There are still many choices of commonly used men's business backpack fabrics, but Xiaobian is not listed here. If you want to know more about luggage, welcome to Xilong luggage website, or you can call Xilong luggage customer service.
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