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What are the categories of children's trolley bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
Children's trolley schoolbags are the types of schoolbags that many parents have bought in recent years, which reduce children's learning pressure and let children no longer shoulder. Heavy responsibility', You can take the book with you by dragging the pull rod. What are the categories of children's trolley bags? There are two kinds of pull-bar schoolbags, one is a one-piece pull-bar schoolbag, the other is a universal pull-bar schoolbag, and it can also be a non-connected pull-bar schoolbag. The shape of the one-piece pull rod schoolbag is still the traditional schoolbag design, the difference is his structural mystery. In the inner bag of the school bag, the one-piece pull bar will have a pull bar storage place, while in the back of the bag, a pull bar opening will be designed to pull the pull bar from the inside out, generally, the length of children's schoolbags is 2-Section 3; In the design of walking, the wheels of the pull bar schoolbag adopt small one-way wheels, which are designed at the bottom of the pull bar schoolbag and will not affect the carrying. If you do not use the pull rod, you can directly hide the pull rod, which is an ordinary schoolbag style. One-piece pull rod schoolbag and universal pull rod schoolbag universal pull rod schoolbag is also called detachable pull rod schoolbag. This pull rod schoolbag is more humanized in design and can be compatible with thousands of schoolbag styles with a pull rod car, any schoolbag placed on the trolley becomes a trolley schoolbag, so the material of the removable schoolbag is not the material of the schoolbag, but the quality of the trolley. Generally, the metal square tube can be used to reinforce the chassis-5 years of life. If you want to choose the most suitable schoolbag for the trolley, you 'd better choose a schoolbag with a plug-in strap at the back, which is more stable on the trolley.
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