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What are the benefits of spot customization of luggage?

by:Xilong      2020-04-06
Luggage spot refers to the inventory luggage products of luggage manufacturers, while luggage spot customization refers to directly selecting these inventory products and then printing brand logo or advertising slogan on the products. However, it should be emphasized that spot bags are not inferior products. They are usually explosive products with relatively high sales of luggage manufacturers. Take our Xilong luggage customization manufacturer as an example. We will design and produce a batch of seasonal luggage products every quarter, and use these products as bags in stock for customers to customize. So, what are the benefits of customizing bags in stock? Advantage 1: The minimum order quantity is lower. The minimum order quantity for spot customization of luggage is lower, which is suitable for small batch customers to customize, helping these customers solve the problems of logo customization and advertising slogan printing. Our bags and bags spot customization service here can be customized as long as 10 pieces, and can also be specially printed with logo, website, telephone and other information, which is helpful for brand promotion. Advantage 2: the production cycle is short. Looking for a luggage manufacturer to design and produce a creative luggage product, the process is very cumbersome. I am afraid that the production of the product will not be completed in one or two months. However, if you choose the custom service of bags and bags in stock, as long as the style of the selected product is selected, it can be shipped in 3 days. Advantage 3: The price is more affordable. The spot customization of bags and bags is 100% factory customization, but it reduces the link of design and research in the early stage and does not require mold opening fee and material opening fee, so the price is more affordable.
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