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What are the benefits of choosing canvas for custom toolkits?

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
With the rise of luggage customization services, more and more enterprises are looking for luggage manufacturers to customize kits in order to improve work efficiency. The application fabrics of tool kits in the market are various, and the common ones are leather, Oxford cloth, nylon, canvas and other fabrics, among which canvas is characterized by simple texture, durability, rich functions and so on, favored by many enterprises. What are the benefits of choosing canvas for custom toolkits? 1, canvas material light, anti-wrinkle, high tensile strength, with low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance function, usually more durable, sex is very strong. 2. Canvas is made of cotton and is taken from nature. It is a very environmentally friendly raw material for luggage. It is a good application fabric for customized tool kits under the current situation of energy conservation and environmental protection at home and abroad. 3. Canvas is a thick fabric woven by warp yarn and weft yarn. The material is tight and thick, feels hard and hard, and is very strong and wear-resistant. Due to its special material, whether it is a customized tool kit, it is also a custom luggage case, which is made of very good materials. Custom canvas kits find Xilong luggage custom manufacturers. We are a professional custom kit manufacturer with more than ten years of production experience. We can customize instrument kits, equipment kits, medical kits, etc, completely designed according to your requirements, let you worry about satisfaction!
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