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What are the benefits of backpack capacity?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
Don't look at MCM's brand fire, there is one more idea: the backpack capacity is not good, if you have this idea, it must be hot and dizzy by the mini bag. The backpack capacity is large and small, in fact, it is more divided into occasions. I believe you should not see someone carrying MCM's backpack to travel and climb the mountain? Yes, there are many advantages in choosing backpacks with large capacity during travel. What are the advantages of backpack capacity? First of all, the backpack has a large capacity and can hold many things. Secondly, most backpacks have a large capacity design that is very humanized and is generally divided into multiple compartments and is convenient to take things. In addition, the backpack will also spread the weight well on the shoulders and waist to keep the body balanced. The following are the benefits of different backpack capacities. 1. 45L backpack, customized 45L backpack can be adapted to short trips, the time is about 5- The 7-day journey time is not far from the city. Many friends who have traveled know that the things they bring when they travel are just a change of clothes and daily necessities, but when they come back, they often bring some local products, souvenirs, etc, so choose 45L backpack is the most suitable. Of course, if you don't buy too many souvenirs, you can choose 40L backpack. 2. Professional mountaineering backpack, professional mountaineering backpack customization is generally more than 50L, and more functional than ordinary backpacks, more suitable for mountaineering field use. In addition to clothes and daily necessities, mountaineering backpacks should also be customized with sleeping bags, shoe bags, tents and so on. Their size and weight are relatively stable. If you want to store consumables such as food and fuel, you can choose'Elastic Capacity' Mountaineering backpack, changing its capacity at will and adjusting the compression side belt, can not only keep the backpack solid after several days of activity, but also make this backpack adapt to different areas of activity, strong practicability. 3. Wild backpack customization, general camping, hiking, not only to carry clothes, food, but also back tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats and stoves, etc, customization of this kind of backpack not only requires independent sleeping bag warehouse and tent warehouse in design, but also has sufficient large capacity, and also has strict requirements on the carrying system of wild backpacks: comfortable shoulder strap, wide and thick belt and humanized adjustment system. The adjustment system includes the overall shoulder strap height adjustment belt, the center adjustment belt on the shoulder strap, the adjustable chest strap and the shoulder strap length adjustment at the tail of the shoulder strap, the best field backpack also has a lifting top bag design, which can effectively adjust the burden, so that people will not be too tired, and it is easier to complete the hiking. What are the benefits of backpack capacity? The advantage of large backpack capacity is simply our jingle cat in the wild. I believe everyone is fantasizing about having a jingle cat, so quickly organize a group of'Jingle cat' Large-capacity backpacks make field trips more comfortable and happy.
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