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What are the advantages of the ancient pool material in the luggage fabric?

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
Luggage is one of the most widely used loading tools in our daily life. For example, there are common backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags, wallets, luggage case, etc. , and there are also many materials made into bags, for example, there are nylon, canvas, PC, EVA, cowhide, PU leather and so on, and bags made of different materials, both in quality and texture. What are the advantages of custom luggage and ancient pool material in luggage fabric? Guchi material is one of the most popular materials in making luggage fabrics, and it is also a good material for making luggage. The luggage made of guchi material has very good light effect on the cloth surface, excellent waterproof effect on the surface, and very good color density. More importantly, the lines of bags made of guchi material are not only clear, but also have a very strong stereoscopic impression. The guchi foaming material is also very thick, friction-resistant, soft and delicate, durable, and cheap. The ancient pool material in the luggage fabric has many advantages, and it is also a commonly used material in the luggage fabric. If you want to customize a high-quality ancient pool material bag, the manufacturer is also the key point to determine the quality of the bag, after all, a manufacturer with honesty and strength is the guarantee of luggage quality. So here, recommend a powerful manufacturer with more than ten years of production and operation experience-- Xilong luggage, Integrity Management Enterprise, worthy of your trust!
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