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What are the advantages of DuPont fabric in luggage?

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
There are various styles of bags and bags that are necessary for life, either to meet the needs of work or to meet the needs of life. There are also various materials made into bags or bags due to functional requirements, or due to appearance effect, etc. The more common luggage fabrics on the market are nylon, Oxford cloth, PC, ABS, genuine leather, artificial leather, etc. What are the advantages of DuPont fabric in luggage? DuPont fabric is a four-pipe fiber material. There are many kinds of fabrics made of this material, all of which are famous for their functionality. DuPont fabric is famous for being called coolmax (Can be lifted) Quick-drying fabric, compared with cotton products, the quick-drying speed of this fabric can be 5 to 10 times faster, mainly because its fabric structure is different from the general fabric structure, and DuPont fabric weighs lighter than cotton. Among the DuPont fabrics made into bags and suitcases, there are also some functional materials such as waterproof, breathable, warm and light, however, DuPont fabric in general luggage has the advantages of softness, durability, no discoloration after long-term use, and its own denier coefficient is similar to nylon and Oxford cloth. The higher its denier coefficient is, the clearer the texture of the fabric, the stronger the firmness. DuPont fabric in luggage has the advantages of quick drying, light weight, softness and durability. Although fabric directly determines the quality of luggage products, technology is also one of the key factors of quality, and the process is determined by the strength of the manufacturer. Therefore, to make high-quality luggage products, we still need to cooperate with a powerful manufacturer, such as Xilong luggage, which focuses on luggage customization for more than ten years, with quality assurance and trustworthy!
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