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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hard Case luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
In the golden nine silver ten travel season, we can always see all kinds of hard case luggage case such as mirror, matte, personalized pattern, etc. The hard case luggage case leads the luggage case fashion. The color is gorgeous and the appearance is beautiful. It is generally made of PP, PC, abs pc and other materials. Is the hard case luggage case beautiful? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the hard case luggage case that many people love? The hard-shell luggage case is colorable, fashionable and varied in appearance, and is deeply loved by young people. The hard-shell luggage case itself has excellent ductility, dimensional stability and chemical corrosion resistance, heat and cold resistance, waterproof and dirt resistance, and high strength can meet the requirements of high pressure and high impact force, all-round functionality can protect the luggage in the box well and adapt to most environments. Long-distance travel is the best. As for the shortcomings of Hard Case luggage case, many people mind his'Weight'. In fact, this is not his shortcoming, it depends entirely on his material. Now commonly used PC, PP, abs pc will choose the purity of their material and decide their'Weight', The higher the Purity'Weight' The lighter it will be, the lighter the latest PC bulletproof plastic carbon fiber is, the lighter and lighter it is, 800g less than the general hard box-2 kg; The higher the purity of the hard case luggage case, the better the functionality will be. This is a problem of three or six, and you get what you pay. What is the shortage of hard case luggage case? Hard shell luggage case wear resistance is not enough, easy to leave scratches, not very suitable for going to the wild; The dimensional stability makes him have restrictions on storage and can't be like a soft luggage case. 'May be large or small'; In addition to these two points, the high price may be his other'Disadvantages'Yes. Therefore, the usual hard case luggage case should be careful of sharp objects approaching, and the luggage case sleeve is often used; Don't just want to put'Home' Put it into the box and be kind to him. In fact, he has no shortcomings except being a little expensive.
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