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What are the advantages and disadvantages of different sizes of luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
It is well known that there are different sizes of luggage case. So, do you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of different sizes of luggage case? What size luggage case is more suitable to buy? Let's follow Xilong luggage factory to learn about the relevant content. 1. 18-inch luggage case the size of 18-inch luggage case is about 46cm long 21cm wide 38 high. About 5cm, 18-inch luggage case is relatively small, very portable, more suitable for one person 2- 4-day short-term travel and direct boarding to avoid violent transportation. The disadvantage of the 18-inch luggage case is that it is not particularly large in capacity and can hold less luggage, so it is not suitable for many people to hold luggage or travel for a long time. 2. 20-inch luggage case 20-inch luggage case is also a size that can be boarded directly without consignment. The length, width and height of 20-inch luggage case are about 37cm * 23cm * 56cm, and its capacity is suitable for one person 3-7 days or 2 people 2 -? For the luggage equipment for 4 days, the 20-inch luggage case is the size commonly used by most people. The 20-inch luggage case has almost no shortcomings. The size of the luggage case is not small. Therefore, in the consumer market, it is favored by all consumers, and the evaluation is also very good. 3, 22-inch luggage case 22-inch luggage case capacity should be larger, suitable for one person to travel 3-8 days or two people 2- In 5 days, the 22-inch luggage case cannot board the plane directly, and a few airlines can board the plane directly, but most of the time the 22-inch luggage case still needs to be checked in, the 22-inch luggage case is not much larger than the 20-inch luggage case in terms of capacity. It is not possible to board the plane directly and needs to be checked in, which is a waste of time. 4, 24-inch luggage case 24-inch luggage case capacity is relatively large, suitable for two people 3- If you travel for 7 days, the luggage capacity that can be loaded is also relatively large. If you travel for a long time, the 24-inch luggage case is also a more suitable choice. The 24-inch luggage case cannot be brought on the plane, to handle the consignment, the violent transportation of the airport consignment can easily damage the box. For thin women, if the 24-inch luggage case is full, the weight is also quite large. When walking, it may be a little difficult and not so light and portable. The above is about' What are the advantages and disadvantages of different sizes of luggage case' According to a brief introduction, luggage boxes of different sizes and materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you buy or customize luggage boxes, you should pay attention to choosing the right one according to your actual situation. If there are any other problems, welcome to consult Xilong luggage manufacturers at any time. For fifteen years, Xilong bags has been dedicated to the customization of bags and suitcases. It not only has a certain scale of factory buildings and edition houses with perfect manufacturing equipment, but also has professional research and development designers and skilled manufacturing Masters, the quality of luggage case is guaranteed and trustworthy!
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