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What accessories should be stored for custom car emergency kits?

by:Xilong      2020-03-31
Cars have become common in the 21st century, which greatly makes people's life convenient, and also makes people no longer limited to the life of one place, and more will choose'Car travel'. Whether it is driving or car travel, you will encounter car accidents, so it is very important to prepare a professional car emergency kit. What does the professional car emergency kit need to be stored? 1. Air Pump. The air pump is also called an air pump. It is small and portable. It is also an indispensable item for car travel. 2. Emergency medical kit. The emergency medical kit should contain sterile dressings, gauze, bandages, red drops and Band-Aids. The junior driver can also add towels, antidiarrheals, motion sickness drugs, wind oil, sewing kits, etc. In addition to the usual supplies, these medicines should also be carried by themselves, such as stomach medicines and other acute diseases. 3. Tow rope. The trailer rope is stored to prevent the car from getting into trouble or getting stuck in order to realize artificial thrust, and is generally up to 4 meters long. 4. Multifunctional emergency light. It is best to carry emergency lights with you when you go out for a night. For car trips, if you need to use lights to directly illuminate the car at night, especially at the bottom of the car. 5. The rest of the car accessories. The rest of the accessories include battery, gloves, disposable raincoat, broken window escape hammer, multi-function folding knife, etc. Professional Car emergency kits are now necessary for every car driver, and the car industry has also used professional car emergency kits as promotional gifts or business gifts, not only to retain customers, it can also enhance the professionalism of its own brand in the automobile industry, and can also make customers feel that the enterprise really cares for customers and pays special attention to customers.
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