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weekend drive: peugeot 2008 suv

by:Xilong      2019-09-07
Le cool.
Peugeot 2008 suv1
Pure Technology 3 cylinder engine, 6-
Automatic speed transmission, 5-
Star safety rating
Special price cuts: $29,990, shocking that in a French car, the reverse alarm at the Google Maps voice robot does not convert to the brijitt of Serge Gainsbourg is not like an accordion.
Missed the opportunity!
This is a hatchback SUV.
It is very small, but it goes very high.
Although it is petite, it works well for five people, has good space for people with longer legs, and there is room in the boots for a puppy or large basket, iced French champagne for your picnic.
The sign of the car is the lion, and there are actually claw marks on the lining of the hood. Ooh la la!
I put Bonnie and Clyde on the sound and it felt like Jane Burkin.
First of all, I had to drive back to town on Friday from the Peugeot headquarters of Armstrong motor in Greenland, which was a bit of a stop --
Get to know this puppy (le petit chien)handles.
Thankfully, we had a chance to run in Riverhead on Saturday.
The rain was great and painful but we had car wipers and this small shopping custom backpacks/SUV with super-
The tire feels very good.
It has a lot of pep and you won\'t think 1 is like that. 2l engine.
But it\'s like a stinking day. The 1.
2l engine has won the prize for three consecutive years as it is a small engine that can be used. A 40-minute round-
It costs an average of $5 per 80 km.
It may be a bit exaggerated, but it is very efficient.
I like the steering wheel very much.
It is very small, like a racing car, very small inside, no barren.
Very classic. Je t\'aime.
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