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weave compassion into the fabric of your family\'s lives

by:Xilong      2019-08-15
Your family life is filled with rituals that can send messages of compassion, kindness and sharing to your children.
When you sit down for dinner, you will share your food and company with each other.
When you hug and kiss your child good night, you are sharing your love.
When you play the game together, you are sharing your time.
When you tell your child a story, you are sharing your knowledge and your imagination.
Our daughter WEEE has a work chart on which she has placed some magnets, indicating that she has fulfilled her responsibility that day.
One of her duties is to be \"kind to others \".
\"Every night, when finishing her work chart, she has to tell who and how she was kind to that day.
Both of our daughters have a piggy bank and they put in the weekly allowance.
We ask them to donate 25% of the allowance to the charity.
Every few months, they donate their charity savings to their chosen cause.
In the past, they gave money to earthquake victims in Haiti.
Profitable organizations that care for injured animals and homeless shelters nearby.
In all cases, atie and Gracie take the money out of their piggy bank, put it in a small wallet and hand it over to the charity in person.
Some of our friends, Dirk and Emily, have a ceremony with their son that includes giving away instead of selling his old clothes, books and toys.
They told him that they chose to give away what they could sell because there were many families who were not lucky enough to afford everything they needed.
Whenever their son gets something new, he has to give away an old one (
This also reduces the clutter in their homes).
Ron and Georgia participated in a local project called \"home nest\" in which they took turns with other families to buy, pack and ship groceries to families living in homeless shelters.
Every other month, they and their three children complete a ceremony to support their return home.
The family sat at the kitchen table and sorted out a list of groceries they wanted to buy, paying special attention to the time of the year and the upcoming holidays.
The children painted their shopping bags in bright colors to make cards for their families.
Each of their children also picked a small toy from the room for the children of the recipient\'s family.
Then the whole family goes to the supermarket and the children are responsible for finding and checking the items on the grocery list.
When they go home, the family packs the groceries and sends them to the family at the shelter.
Ron and Georgia kids introduced themselves to their families and handed them shopping bags full of food.
At dinner after delivery, everyone shared what the experience meant to them, what they learned from meeting their families, and what they might do to express their sympathy.
Yes, the act of compassion can be enormous and compelling.
However, the power of compassion that children learn best fits into the structure of your family life.
Every small act of compassion that you and your child participate in or see in your family, friends and neighborhood circles every day will send an indelible goodwill, care, and share that your child will accept for a lifetime and express things.
This blog post extracts self\'s third parenting book, \"your child is listening: nine messages they need to hear from you\" (
Publication of experiments, 2011).
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