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Waist bag manufacturers take you to know how to customize waist bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
Compared with girls, boys use their pockets more frequently than girls. Generally, every boy always carries a small pocket on his back in the gym, shopping and other leisure places. The so-called women are the biggest consumers in the life market, because they will patronize everyone in life, so many businesses often use their pockets as one of the promotional gifts. The waist bag manufacturer took you to know how to customize the waist bag? 1. Design pockets, as a merchant, the pockets naturally can not only have the effect of promotion, but more importantly, the brand effect. Therefore, the design of the waist bag should take some thought. When we customize the waist bag, we should let the designer add our brand logo and design the color characteristics and cultural characteristics of our enterprise to highlight our brand characteristics. 2. Choose the material of the waist bag, and the second process of customization after the design is done. The first basis of the customized waist bag is the material, which is generally made of nylon, polyester, canvas and leather. Nylon, polyester and canvas are generally leisure models, suitable for promotion, while leather is more high-end models, which will also increase the cost. If it is a promotion, choose the fabric material. Click on the picture to enter 3. After confirming the design draft, we will confirm the proofing of the waist pack. If the waist pack meets our requirements and the price acceptance range, we can make large goods. There is another problem to consider at this time: the time of making goods. Generally, powerful factories will deliver 20-times according to the quantity after accepting the design and proofing- 25 days, but if it is an industry and trade manufacturer with design, research and development and production at the same time, for example, the one-stop service of Xilong luggage can save these unnecessary intermediate processes, lower cost and faster completion of production.
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