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vancouver may give businesses breathing room on plastic straw, styrofoam ban

by:Xilong      2019-08-27
The staff will ask for an extension of the ban on selling cups and containers for foam, giving small businesses more time to find affordable alternatives.
The ban on unnecessary use of plastic straws and foam plastic takeout cups and containers in Vancouver may be postponed until next year in order to give small businesses more time to adapt.
The city said in a press release that staff will submit a report to the Council on Wednesday asking for an extension of time and calling for provincial policies to be put in place to deal with Singles
Using \"compostable\" items like tableware, these items are not accepted in compost facilities in BC.
\"We are committed to reducing single
The use of the item is unshakable and we just take the time to consult to get the details of the bylaws right.
We know that this change will affect thousands of businesses, \"Monica costmark, senior project leader, said in an interview.
The city has launched strategies to reduce the impact of plastic and paper shopping bags, disposable cups, take-out containers, plastic straws and single straws
Last spring, appliances were used with the goal of banning them by June 1.
Since then, staff have been consulting stakeholders, including food suppliers and non-
Profits and research on plastic and foam alternatives.
She said the city has heard that the best way to support enterprise transformation is to give them more time to find convenient and affordable alternatives.
From scratch, the city has learned
Waste strategies that can be easily decomposed by compost plastics have been launched.
\"We found that compost plastics are not designed to be biodegradable if they are scattered in natural environments on land or in marine environments,\" she said . \".
According to provincial regulations, compost plastics are not accepted at composting facilities in bc province.
She said that they usually need to take longer than the facilities for handling food waste and yard decoration to handle it.
\"We learned through consultation that businesses tend to use more compostable alternatives, but they may not be able to solve the plastic problem, so we are looking for support from the province to try to solve the problem, \"she said.
The staff report recommended that the city propose a resolution at Union B. C.
Municipal conventions requesting provincial support.
The proposed resolution will call on the province to ensure a single \"consolidated\"
If scattered in the natural environment, the use items are designed to be completely biodegradable, and these items are consistent with the Compost Infrastructure, collection and management of the province.
They also called for a more comprehensive provincial strategy to reduce the use of disposable items to support the federal goal of reducing plastic waste.
The city also needs time to find the right balance between reducing the use of plastic straws and making sure they are still options for disabled people and other health issues, costmark said.
The city had previously said it would not ban straws directly, but rather reduce the use of straws.
The city learned through consultation that a good option is that food suppliers can ban plastic straws in general, which also requires them to say for those who need them, costmark.
\"The flexible plastic straws we are learning are similar to barrier-free parking spaces, ramps and railings and are a very good barrier-free tool that is very much needed,\" she said . \".
\"What we are doing now is taking the time to consult.
To make sure we get the right details, it\'s still in progress and hasn\'t been done yet.
According to the press release, the staff report called for an extension of the start date of the ban on foam cups and kimono
Container by January.
Unnecessary plastic straws will be banned by next April.
It said that another report in November would provide additional details on the proposed charter, including a strategy to roll out, educate and address accessibility issues step by step.
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