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using your smartphone at the supermarket can add 41% to your bill

by:Xilong      2019-09-23
When you go out, do you check your phone often, and if so, do you have a hard time resisting the temptation of more screen time, be careful when you go shopping at the grocery store-because your phone may be more expensive than you think.
A shows that grocery shoppers who use their phones in supermarkets end up spending an average of 41% more than those who don\'t.
This may sound contrary to intuition.
Lots of bricks before-and-
Brick-and-mortar retailers think the consumer\'s smartphone is distracting or worse.
They worry that customers who focus on their phones spend less time in the store watching attractive product displays, or may use their phones to search for better deals online.
Find out if these fears are reasonable (
Especially when people go shopping at grocery stores)
An experiment was conducted by a research team.
We put special eyes.
More than 400 shoppers wear tracking glasses and then go shopping as usual.
Glasses allow us to see exactly what shoppers are doing when they shop-and what they see.
Some participants were encouraged to use their mobile phones, while some were asked to pick up their phones during a shopping trip.
It turns out that the impact is ultimately the opposite of what we might think.
Shoppers who check their phones while shopping spend an average of 41% more at the checkout counter-those who use their phones the most tend to spend the most.
The reason is that the way we work when we shop, and the large number of choices we offer.
Even a small grocery store may have 10,000 unique products in stock, and large supermarkets have many times more than that.
It is impossible for the human mind to consciously process and choose between all these available items.
We can\'t cope with all of these decisions at all, which means our brains are trying to simplify the complexity of grocery stores in different ways.
One way is to activate an internal autopilot that acts as a shopping script that specifies what we do and see in the store.
Basically, this means that most shoppers usually go to the shelves and parts they often go to and buy the same product over and over again.
For example, you often buy milk, chicken and bananas.
Your inner autopilot will guide you between the points in the store where you know these items belong.
Similarly, if you cook food for a weekday dinner, you may have an internal script for the product that should be included in it.
Products that are not part of a script are usually filtered into irrelevant information by your brain.
After all, when you are planning a fast shop for stir-fry, why would you be interested in looking at baked goods, before going home after a full day of work, we do not consciously see that all of these products do not have the opportunity to enter the shopping basket.
The cruel fact is that shoppers are a very habitual creature-most of us buy less than 150 products a year.
But when we pick up the phone, something different happens.
Whether it\'s calling, texting, checking social media, or browsing holiday destinations, our brains are forced to switch our very limited concentration from shopping tasks to phones.
Due to distraction, the way shoppers behave in stores has changed dramatically.
They suddenly walked slower, and the pattern of walking was unpredictable, wandering along the aisle.
They found themselves spending more time in the store, and as the autopilot was interrupted, it became increasingly easy for them to embrace a wider range of products.
That means they (you)
It is unlikely to filter out information about products other than normal scripts, and would prefer to be inspired to buy more products.
Essentially, shoppers looking at mobile phones spend more time in stores, look at more products, and buy more.
This is not necessarily a bad thing because you may be reminded to buy the products that are needed for a family that is not on your mental shopping list, or you may be motivated to try a new ingredient.
But if you\'re aware of sticking to your shopping plan and budget, it\'s better to put your phone in your bag or pocket.
Keep in mind that there is an online friendly store with free WiFi
The fi or smartphone dock on the trolley handle-may bring you a bigger shopping bill.
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