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useful & durable 7 strand rope (cord) from plastic shopping bags

by:Xilong      2019-10-04
I basically combine the other two instructures I \'ve read in the past.
One is to make plastic \"Yarn\" with plastic shopping bags \".
I think the people here now call it \"plarn \".
The other is to weave the rope with a smaller rope/line/rope.
I found both techniques very useful in many of my projects.
With this, I put the two together and made a very useful rope with the shopping bag that went into the recycle bin.
The final product is very convenient.
It is very strong, waterproof and almost free.
I bet if I take 7 ropes (
I did it here)
Make them into a bigger rope and I can easily drag a car with it! No seriously.
Now there are a few people here making ropes in plastic bags, but they screw them up.
This project makes the 7 part rope more beautiful.
You can use it for pet belts, fishing ropes, laces, camping gear, rope skipping, and even rock slings.
The limit is actually endless.
It will be a great boyscout/girl-
Scout or school program.
For ideas of what you can do with a rope, simply search in the instructions here for \"knot\" or \"decorative knot.
My personal favorite is the monkey boxing \". . . look it up!
So, let your own, please let everyone know that you use yours!
If you send me a photo, I will post it on this instruction manual!
1 or more plastic shopping bags 1 small piece of cardboard 1 pair of scissors, I have to admit that I am really bad at converting the stupid British measurement system into a more easy to use measurement system.
So, if you are reading any of my instructions and I have forgotten the conversion, please do not hesitate to point it out!
I want to give you an idea of what they can expect.
Your project will vary depending on the thickness of the cycle you cut, the width of the package (
How long has the cycle affected)
, And how many strands you decide to use in braids.
So remember that.
I hope more people who write instructures do this kind of thing!
So is science/math! !
Or your English math!
Let\'s run some numbers!
I cut my ring with a width of about 3/4 (roughly 20mm).
The length of the ring is about 18-19 inch long (45cm-48cm).
Use 7 shares (of 18-19 inches, 45-48 cm)
In my knitting, I got about 8 inch woven rope (20cm)
But this is not-stretched.
It extends to 13 inch when I stretch it (33cm).
In other words, each set of 7 rings, I can get a length of 70% on the woven rope.
I\'m about 20-
22 laps per plastic shopping bag.
Divide it by the number of shares you weave (
7 in my case)
I have about 7 sets per bag.
Now I multiply it by 13 inch. 33cm)
I get 39 inch for each group of 7-circle weaving ropes (3.
25 feet or 99 cm so about 1 m)
Rope for each plastic bag.
Now you should know how many plastic bags your project needs.
Start with a plastic shopping bag, flatten it and fold it on the side (pic 1).
Then fold one side (
Value about 3 inch)
To the other side (pic 2).
Keep doing this until you have a plastic bag strip (pic 3 & 4).
Starting at the bottom of the bag, cut a strap about inches thick and discard the piece as it is the sealed bottom of the bag.
What we want is the loop, so the next one will be the loop.
Now cut, I cut about 3/4 thick (about 20mm).
Continue to cut the strips until you reach the top of the bag. I got about 20-
Take out 24 from the bag
If you expand your cutting strips, they should turn into a bunch of plastic rings.
I\'m about 18-
Expanded duration of 19 inch (or 45-49cm).
As shown in the figure, take two loops and connect them together.
Then pull the two rings tight and you get a plastic \"sring\" about two rings long \".
Now you need to make more of these \"strings \".
Tie all 7 ends of your 7 strings together with a simple half knot, as shown in the figure.
I cut the top panel of a carton with scissors.
Then cut it in half to make a square.
Then I cut off the corner of the square for an activity.
Cut the slit into the plane size of octogon, about half an inch in the center direction.
Then cut the small triangle from the opening of these slit to make it easier for your rope to wear into these slots.
Next, poke a hole large enough with the tip of the scissors to allow your seven strings to pass through.
Now, put each individual string thread into one slot.
Please note that you will have an empty slot which is what we need to start weaving the braids.
Don\'t worry if things seem a bit confusing at first.
It looks better once we start to knit the braids.
As shown in the first picture, hold your round loom with unused slit facing to the top (
But actually just a little bit to the right.
Now, rotate clockwise from this opening, Skip 2 strings, then pick up the third string, pull it out of its opening, move it to the opening and fix it.
Now, you just repeat the process over and over to weave your rope.
Every once in a while, pull the end of the woven rope slightly from the bottom.
Twisting the rope in doing so creates a neater final rope.
When you get low on the rest of the string, add another loop of length to all 7 strings.
When you add a loop, don\'t worry that all seven lengths end up being the same.
The longer you do this, the more rewards they will get.
Try changing the color of the plastic bag you are using.
In general, only one of the 7 strings has a different color and does not make a noticeable change.
So I suggest changing the color of 2-
4 of the 7 strings.
Now I have found a slightly faster way to weave.
Once you write down the simple method (step 8)
Then you can try a slightly more advanced approach.
Keep the opening seam in the upper right corner. Weave up (
3rd string clockwise)
With your right hand
Then rotate a little clockwise so that the open slit is in the lower left corner and then weave down (
The third string is clockwise from the opening seam)
With the left hand.
Once you get it down, it will disappear quickly.
In an hour, I can weave 3 long plastic rings.
Again, when you get low on the rest of the string, add another loop of length to all 7 strings.
When you add a loop, don\'t worry that all seven lengths end up being the same.
The longer you do this, the more rewards they will get.
When your rope is long enough, as we did at the beginning of the first time, tie the rope from the end. Step 4.
I\'m still doing my job because I want to weave a belt from inside.
This will be another complete explanation.
Update: I have about 15 feet so far (4. 5 meters)(10/20/2010)
OK, I have a question because I am very excited when making things, so I will not take pictures when making them.
So I have to make a second photo and take each step I can write the instructions.
Rock slings: I have encountered this situation again!
I was inspired by this guide and made a rock sling using my method of making plastic ropes.
It took me a whole weekend to knit this damn thing because we were going camping the next weekend and I had a chance to test it out.
I just hope to take a picture before we do.
The sling works well if I say it myself and looks cool!
It happened that one of us went camping together (
I didn\'t know this until we got there)
An experienced rock singer.
I tried it myself.
I have never used a rock sling before)
Soon realized that I needed to develop a skill in order to get any benefit.
Well, one of the gentlemen we went to camp together asked for a try, boy, can I tell you that he can stir the stones more quickly and deeply than I can?
He can even use it to hit a nearby target.
Unfortunately, he is so good at it, and other people who go camping with us also want to try and learn.
We are at a lake. he is practicing throwing stones at the lake.
To my disappointment, let go of both ends, I just saw my beautiful new sling flying into the lake and sinking.
We even took the boat out to see if it would float but we couldn\'t get it back.
I know I have to do the second one in order to show and write another separate note here.
So please keep an eye on it and in a few weeks I will have a picture of my second version of the rock sling.
Update: I have completed 1/2 of Mark II.
I should finish the rest of the work in the next two weeks.
Belt: I\'m still knitting the belt with my plastic woven rope, but it took me a while to get enough rope to knit the belt!
I have done about 8 feet so far.
Belt update: As of 10/19/2010, I have made more than 15 feet ropes.
Instead of watching the boring stupid reality show My wife insists on.
I\'m just sitting there making ropes.
Have been saying mechanical words;
\"Yeah\", \"oh\", \"okay\" or \"well\" so she really believes I\'m listening to stupid nonsense, even though I had my mp3 player play audiobooks on ear plugs.
If this Instructable inspires you to do something, please take a picture of it so I can post it here!
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