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Understanding the edge modification process of luggage parts

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
Bags and suitcases are made by splicing and combining parts and parts. In the production of bags and bags, the edge of the parts of the bag needs to be modified to better improve the overall beauty of the bag. Edge modification is the basis of stitching, so learn the edge modification process of manufacturing luggage parts here. The decoration of luggage parts generally includes dyeing edge, folding edge, Edge, piping, lining edge, etc. 1, dyeing edge, this method is a common edge modification, the general situation is to use on the leather fabric, the use of front sewing method to make the bag side hair treatment. 2. The methods of folding edges include folding straight edges, folding concave edges, folding convex edges, folding flower edges and folding edges with tendons, the use of this method is mainly to cut the edges of the pieces and the parts according to the technical requirements. 3. Rimming the craft of making bags and suitcases is mainly used on large leather goods such as leather cases and purses. The craft of rimming is used to make the parts where the bags and suitcases are mounted strong and firm. 4. The rolling edge mainly includes the natural color edge and the different color edge. Generally, it is decorated in the front sewing method to make the bag look better. 5, The Edge, the edge of the edge of this method to go through the edge of the components to make the edge smooth, increase the artistic design taste of the bag. The decoration of luggage parts is carried out on the basis of the edges. When manufacturing luggage, the operators need to be familiar with the technology of each process. If the luggage is customized, the small editor here strongly recommends you to the Xilong luggage customization manufacturer, xilong was established in 2004 with perfect plant facilities and skilled operators. It also has a group of professional design and research personnel, who can provide customers with complete personalized design and customization services.
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