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uk police arrest two more people in london subway bombing, bringing total to five

by:Xilong      2019-08-09
The British anti-terrorism police have arrested two other people in connection with the London subway attack, raising the number to five.
Detective arrested 48 people. year-
An old man in his 30 syear-
On Wednesday, the old man under the new port of Wales Terrorism Act. A 25-year-
An old man was also arrested in Newport on Tuesday.
Two other men were arrested over the weekend. an 18-year-
Old refugees from Iraqyear-old from Syria—
Continued detention
No charges were filed.
Commander Dean Haydn, head of the Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism command, said the authorities expect the search to take a few days to complete, \"which could cause further damage.
\"Homemade explosive devices were placed in a bucket surrounded by shopping bags, and 30 people were injured when they partially detonated in the subway car last week.
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