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Types and similarities of gifts

by:Xilong      2020-03-29
Gift-giving is China's history of more than two thousand years, because gift-giving is a way of communication between people and can even replace the persuasion of language. More than two thousand years of gift-giving history will also evolve into different types with the changes of the times. The following are the types of gifts for modern gifts. A business gift, business gifts are divided into business communication gifts and corporate commemorative gifts, corporate commemorative gifts can also be called symbolic gifts. Business gifts are aimed at cooperative business partners and companies, so business gifts send sincerity and corporate image. One is to let partners see the sincerity of cooperation of enterprises, that is, the importance attached to them; The second is to publicize the brand image of the enterprise and show the strength of the enterprise through business gifts. Therefore, this business gift often chooses the taste of the partner and can display the corporate image. Only the gift customization can be satisfied. Second, welfare gifts welfare gifts are mainly the way enterprises maintain employees. In China's countries with strong festivals, they are often more prominent and frequent in festivals. Welfare gifts are mainly the fastest way to spread the corporate culture of employees from the inside and enhance the cohesion and loyalty of employees. If this fastest way is to become the most effective way, gifts for employees should be reflected in value and corporate culture. Unlike previous enterprises, the welfare of employees is always based on daily consumer goods (Shampoo, facial tissue and other daily necessities) Mainly, more consideration should be given to the long-term spread of corporate culture, so that employees can get care and better enhance their loyalty. Three promotional gifts promotional gifts are for the second feedback to members, potential development of new customers, and clearing of products. Promotional gifts are divided into advertising gifts, buying gifts and integral gifts. According to different gifts, corresponding gift schemes are also provided for different customers, however, as long as the effect of gifts is realized under the condition of satisfying the opposite of products/services, it can also be a good promotion scheme. Remember not to just promote not to sell. However, although I know the direction and key points of the three categories of gifts, there are still many people who are always worried about what to send. In fact, there is one less important point, that is, the Times. With the different times, life has become superior. People have not only pursued the function of the gift surface, but also paid more attention to the connotation of the gift, which depends on the culture of the enterprise. The survival of an enterprise is nothing more than that the brand image of the enterprise has left a deep impression on people's hearts, and gifts are mainly to highlight the brand image of the enterprise and the beliefs transmitted by the enterprise. The three gift types all have three common points: 1. Conform to the enterprise product/service concept 2. Let the grantee get attention and have trust in the enterprise 3. Spread the enterprise brand image, these three points have also derived a new industry existence, that is, the personalized customization of gifts.
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