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Two methods of opening and cutting luggage fabrics

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
The cutting of luggage is the first process in the production process, and its quality and cost are deeply affected by the quality of the cutting process. Therefore, the technical requirements of the cutting process are very high, the main reason is that cutting can directly affect the quality of products, so what is the cutting of leather fabric? First, manual cutting, because the technical requirements for cutting are very high, the technical level requirements for cutting operators are also very high, this requires technicians to be familiar with the product production process, process operation, technology, etc. Second, machine cutting, compared with manual cutting, machine cutting is much simpler, machine cutting is made by using the formed Knife Edge template and cutting machine pressure. Machine cutting is more neat and efficient than manual cutting, but the cutting cost is high. Suitable for mass production or general parts production. We all know that success lies in the foundation, and cutting is the first process of product production, so the technical level of luggage cutting technology is the strength foundation of a company. Xilong luggage customization has been established for more than ten years. It has rich management experience, professional research and development team and design team. More importantly, Xilong has more than ten years of senior professional level operators.
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