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turns out using a reusable shopping bag could be making you sick

by:Xilong      2019-09-30
Waleed Aly of the project called on all Australians to ban plastic bags and urged the prime ministers of the new state, Victoria and Washington state to ban plastic bags across the state.
If you haven\'t washed your reusable bag for a while, we have some unpleasant news to tell you.
Source: it is great to use reusable shopping bags for supplier shopping.
It reduces waste and helps the environment, it can save you some money depending on where you shop.
But these bags may put you at risk of getting sick.
If you really don\'t wash the bag (
Yes, when was the last time you did this? )
Or shop in the right way, which can lead to some serious health problems.
Reusable shopping bags are very good for the environment, but it can make you sick if you don\'t wash them often.
Source: The supplier\'s reusable bag may be that researchers from the University of Arizona and the University of Loma Linda recently found that almost all the repeatable randomly selected from customers
Nearly half contain coliform bacteria and 12% contain E. coli.
According to the results of the survey, E. coli is very disgusting when you think about the groceries you are sitting in.
Recent update to the USK.
The guidelines of the Australian Food Standards Agency have once again raised concerns about the hygiene of reusable bags, but according to food standards in New Zealand, Australia, we do not need to panic.
\"The biggest risk is that meat comes into contact with other products, for example, if you have a refrigerated bag, you bring it to the grocery store with all your refrigerated goods, plus fruits and vegetables, plus meat, A spokesman for FSANZ told Kidspot, \"so you have the risk of cross-contamination. \".
You need to separate the things that go into your bag and make sure things like meat are properly stored.
\"Meat should be placed in a separate bag, in plastic, and should be taken out as soon as it gets home,\" the spokesman said. \"There should be no big gap between shopping and going home . \".
It has been suggested that if you put meat, fruit, vegetables, dry groceries and so on in a bag that you wash frequently, because the likelihood of illness is very small, it is there
You need to separate the things that go into your bag and make sure things like meat are properly stored.
Source: iStockSource: supplier do you know how to clean them?
The Good Housekeeping Institute also lists a handy list of the best ways to clean a variety of reusable bags.
* Canvas bags: just throw them into the washing machine and wash them in hot water with detergent.
Then, run them through the dryer.
* Recycled plastic bags: you should wash anything made from recycled plastic containers (a. k. a.
Polypropylene bag)
Put warm soapy water in your hands and dry it.
Don\'t forget the inner and outer seams that crud can hide and collect.
* Insulated shopping bags: since you may transport raw meat in these bags, wipe with disinfection after each use.
* Nylon bags: turn them over and wash them manually with warm soapy water.
If you prefer to wash them with a machine, use the most gentle cycle to prevent the bag from cracking.
Then let them dry.
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