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trump: mick mulvaney to be acting white house chief of staff

by:Xilong      2019-10-11
This is a rush copy of the \"five\" in December 14, 2018.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Host Jesse Waters: Hello everyone.
I\'m Jesse Waters with Emily Compagno, Juan Williams, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld.
Now it\'s 5 in New York City, five people.
Michael Cohen and President Trump exchanged allegations about the real situation of the claims paid to two women before the election.
In his first interview after being sentenced to a three-year federal prison, the president\'s former private lawyer claimed he followed Trump\'s instructions on returns. (
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Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer: He instructed me to pay.
He instructed me to participate in these matters.
You have to remember that at about two weeks before the election, it happened and made a comment by Billy Bush.
So, yes, he is very worried about what impact it will have on the election.
Helping his campaign?
Help him and the campaign team. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Waters: President Trump said Cohen lied about what actually happened. (
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President Donald Trump: I have never instructed him to do anything incorrect or wrong, and he understands that.
Look, he did some bad things that had nothing to do with me.
May have something to do with his other clients.
I\'m not his only client.
Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to something that was not even a crime. -wait a minute.
These are election campaigns.
No one will be treated like this except me. Nobody.
They have a bribery fund that pays millions of dollars a year to Congress? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Waters: Today, the special counsel handed over the documents to the judge in the Michael Flynn case, and Flynn\'s counsel argued that the FBI encouraged the former national security adviser to interview agents without agents present.
Excuse me, lawyer.
Robert Mueller\'s team claimed that Flynn should know it was a crime to lie to the FBI, but the documents said they had never warned him in advance.
Okay, Emily, let\'s go back to the first part.
The president said that the Congress, they have this huge amount of money, and they use taxpayers\' money to solve cases of sexual misconduct.
Never reported anything.
Is there a lot of felony in Congress?
Host Juan Williams: Wait a minute-WATTERS: Juan --(CROSSTALK)
Is your name Emily? (CROSSTALK)
Williams: What happened today. have we just left Cohen?
Well, I\'m not robbing the plane.
Host greg gutfeld: Juan, it\'s only 5: 02 now. (CROSSTALK)
Williams: What do I just think-
Rampant Ism--
I am very angry about this.
Go ahead, Emily.
Host: Thank you, Emily.
So what I\'m thinking is that Congress is now passing a bill that will be deducted from the taxpayer\'s pay to pay for harassment, so that will change.
I do think it\'s a bit of a game like a shell game.
I would like to point out, if you can, that everyone is talking about specific intentions related to them.
I just wanted to make sure the audience understood, yes, that\'s the difference between a civil charge and a criminal campaign financial violation charge.
But the most important thing for me is the situation with Flynn.
I think it\'s a terrible abuse of power to treat any kind of conversation at will, and we can never overestimate the amount of weight that the government brings every time it sits down and asks, hey, how are you doing?
So, then--
For Comey, blame it on a chaotic government, so I thought I \'d send a few people over and I thought it was 100% terrible abuse of power.
Whatever happens when the judge reviews the Flynn file, whatever he should know, when someone sits down and says, hey, I have a few questions for you,--
Oh, I can get a warrant, through the Justice Department, if you want,--
Or we can--
It\'s not the same if you think you won\'t acquiesce.
Waters: Well, Juan doesn\'t want to talk about the Flynn case.
Juan wants to talk--
Wait, when it comes to her point of view-
Waters: continue.
GUTFELD: as far as she is concerned, I really hate the way Comey tells the story.
He acted like a celebrity on tonight\'s show. -
Do we have that tape?
I don\'t know.
Waters: Do you want to play some tapes of how Comey got agents in?
Let\'s scroll it and react. (
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Unknown man: Something--
I may not do it, or I may get away with it in a more organized investigation by George W.
For example, the Bush administration or the Obama administration.
So, if the FBI wants to send agents to the White House to interview a senior official, you can sort it out through a White House lawyer who will have discussions and approvals and it\'s there.
I think it\'s early enough. let\'s send a few people over. (END VIDEO CLIP)
So they laughed. WATTERS: Yeah.
They laughed.
It\'s like he\'s playing with other people\'s lives.
But it\'s funny and smart.
Hey, they\'re a little disorganized, you know.
We can send some people.
It\'s kind of mean.
You know, we got away, he said. (CROSSTALK)
That\'s why people laugh because they think, haha, he\'s a funny guy.
Waters: Well, Juan, Michael Cohen, let\'s get back to this topic.
About the lawyer of the former president talking to ABC, do you have anything you want to say?
Williams: Well, I think one thing is clear, it\'s not a pose that the president wants to pose, you know, he said, he said, I\'m talking to Cohen, who would you trust, because Cohen has been proven to be a liar, he will go to jail.
Now the head of the national investigation is saying the same thing.
The Wall Street Journal says that in fact, Trump is in the room of many of these discussions.
So it becomes--
The weight of the evidence is Michael Cohen\'s.
In response to what Greg just said, oh my God, you think about Flynn, he lied to the chief of staff, to the vice president, and he lied to the media again and again.
This was before the FBI stepped in.
He lied about his contacts with Russians. -(CROSSTALK)
COMPAGNO: I mean, the whole reason why the criminal case was thrown away because the chain of evidence was slightly tarnished.
As a republic, we support procedures and processes ---
Williams: sure, but there is no stain on it.
In fact, he lied to the FBI and was pointed out to be the head of the National Security Agency.
He is a national security adviser. He was a 32-
The old man of our army.
My argument is that he should be held in a higher state. -
Waters: Well, you know what he\'s supposed to do, and he never allows FBI agents to ask you questions without a lawyer present.
You know, I never like to steal stuff from steal. -GUTFELD: Never. WATTERS: --
They\'re mine.
So, that\'s what I\'m going to do, and Brooke Sigman is the producer here who wrote a great article for foxnews. com.
False statement allegations abound in the Miller case compared to the Hillary Clinton case, and I think five people on the Trump track are accused of making false statements.
In Hillary\'s case, many people lied to the FBI.
One man said, his-s-
Can you trust me? -(CROSSTALK)
Waters: they have never been prosecuted for false statements.
It\'s like there\'s a little bit of double standard.
GUTFELD: now I can hear Shep throwing things on TV.
Moderator Dana Perino: Well, there\'s a little bit to explain there, right?
Because Democrats hate Comey, and Republicans hate Comey, right?
But 90 seconds is fun for him, why, like, oh, well.
We can forgive him. -
I was thinking, if I were a 90 second audience, why? For those of you who are at home, as you know, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan ---
A free audience, okay?
So you sit there and you think they want Hillary Clinton to win and they can\'t believe it happened but they blame Comey for it.
But they will spend money to sit down and buy his books and listen to him because they actually hate Trump more than they hate Comey.
Can we agree, Juan, we all hate Comey?
Just let it pass.
Williams: I don\'t think Comey is the topic here.
This is the second topic.
Williams: You want to talk about Comey, you want to talk about Clinton, you want to talk about people who testify in a case that\'s already settled.
So, this is-ism run wild.
What I learned was--
We know Cohen is a bad guy.
The potato salad left his stain. out for a week.
But almost every president has some disgraceful friends, which is why I did not run for president in 2020. (CROSSTALK)
GUTFELD: I don\'t want to take any of my suspicious friends down because of the moment I took over ---
2024, for example, they will start thinking about all of you. (CROSSTALK)
I am looking forward to the future.
Everyone is checked.
This is politics, this is--
Waters: You mean, even Dana, as clean as the wind --
The snow will be caught by a special lawyer. -
Oh, you don\'t know what she did behind the scenes.
I know where the body is buried.
That\'s why I have never run for it. (CROSSTALK)
Perino: can I say one thing? -
If you\'re watching this film by Michael Cohen, and if he\'s been interviewed by the media as he did this morning, it might mean ---
Emily, you can check with me that he has no more to say about the special adviser or SDMY.
I agree.
I actually want to say to you, maybe it\'s a P. R.
As a lawyer, the position will be a different proposal.
But I \'ve gone through multiple sentences and I \'ve never seen anything more dramatic or frankly in my life, sadly, right--
I am in trouble, and that is why I did it, lamenting before the judge.
I have never seen such a lack of personal responsibility. (CROSSTALK)WILLIAMS: --
Or in front of the judge?
COMPAGNO: judge, then go to the ABC interview and I never suggested ---
Williams: things have changed, Emily. I think Cohen said the president is pursuing his family.
Say, hey, look at his wife, look at his father. in-
Law, see where the money is.
I think Cohen was like, you know, I was covering for your dirty behavior, but no more, man.
So I think he\'s fighting back in a Trump-style way.
Okay, Emily, we have to go. But, all set.
In fact, Democrats, you \'ve heard this, calling for media Trump obsession and gender politics.
Wait until you hear this next time. (
Business break)
Top Democrats are calling on the media and their own political parties.
Yes, you heard it wrong.
First, Nancy Pelosi urged the media to stop reportingthe-
Report on President Trump\'s clock. Watch. (
Start Video Editing)REP.
Nancy PelosiCALIF.
: I want the media to spend more time meeting the needs of the American people, not the charges against the president in the morning, noon and evening
I think you will have more viewers or readers. -
Address concerns, not just ongoing coverage of the president\'s day-to-day updates. (END VIDEO CLIP)
The outgoing Missouri Senator Claire MacAskill told Democrats not to pay too much attention to gender politics. (
Start Video Editing)SEN.
D-Claire McCaskill
MO: I think one of the mistakes we make as a party is to spend too much time talking about gender issues.
We are parties of all kinds, you know.
You know, white people, white people work.
Traditionally, class people have always been an important part of our party.
We lost a lot.
One of the reasons is that we tend to talk about gender all the time, maybe too much. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Perino: I\'m going (
Technical difficulties)
I agree with you.
I always feel that identity politics is a split thing.
The Republicans have not announced, hey, we are the men\'s party. Join us.
However, Dems does have some famous voices like Gillibrand saying, you know, we are the women\'s party.
I do think that even women will be delayed because of this.
I think it\'s condescending, condescending? (CROSSTALK)
Who cares?
Anyway, when Pelosi says don\'t go there, you know you\'re on the wrong path.
I mean, she\'s actually defending Trump in a strange way.
She\'s trying to intervene with the media and idiots because they\'re idiots-
Troubled by their dislike of Trump.
But I was wondering why she is doing this now, which is interesting to me ---
I like her coat.
You think it\'s because of the question that Jessie asked, she knows a lot of people in Washington. C.
Who did the same thing, taxpayer we paid for sexual harassment, do you think she knew it was going to be on a very bad path? (CROSSTALK)
Perino: Well, I think she\'s been saying these things all the time, but because she\'s not the leader ---GUTFELD: Right. PERINO: --
She has no power, no one listens to her, and now people are actually listening to her.
Waters: Yes, I think she wants to start with health care and the media wants to start with a scandal ---
Perino: impeachment. WATTERS: --
She\'s like a bad TV supervisor.
She\'s like, hey, people in the media, don\'t cover the Trump scandal, don\'t cover health care policies.
I mean, come on, Nancy.
What are you thinking?
Of course they will.
I think, you know, they won in health care and she wants health care to be covered and probably Mitch McConnell fixed it.
Mickey is like, you know, we\'re confirming the judge, the tax cuts, we\'re doing this in trade, you\'re just covering the Trump Tower meeting.
Can I get some points here?
I understand.
And it\'s fun with Claire.
It\'s kind of like riding a bull as a red state Democrat.
You only have one semester, maybe two.
Eight seconds.
Waters: The only reason you got there was either someone died, a major scandal, or they nominated ---(CROSSTALK)
Waters: like some guys like dating teenage girls, that\'s the only reason you\'re there.
So hurry up.
Then, when they left, they left Congress, they left the Senate, they left, hey, Democrats, and the whole country.
Believe me, you can\'t play gender cards all the time.
Why are you not on the special report? (LAUGHTER)
Waters: that\'s what I asked Brett that day. (LAUGHTER)
Pure genius, you know. (CROSSTALK)
Williams: I mean, I think Pelosi\'s comments are interesting.
I think you\'re right.
I think she wants people to cover the real issue, because I think that\'s why she wants the Democrats to move forward before 2020 Games, investigate Trump, and people can\'t say it\'s just a democratic scandal.
But, you know, I was thinking about this. -
One of the things that impressed me was that I just wanted to mention very quickly that the end of the Weekly Standard, because here you have a conservative magazine, and he\'s actually doing the coverage, trump may be criticized and they will be ousted.
They lost users.
The same thing happened on the National Review after their criticism. -PERINO: Well --
Williams: So now you have a situation. -
I don\'t think that\'s why. WILLIAMS: I do.
I know why. WILLIAMS: OK. But here\'s --(LAUGHTER)
Williams: My point is, if you\'re pro, I think it\'s in the conservative media bubble right now
Everyone wants to hear from Trump.
They just want to be sure that Trump is OK. Everything is --
Everything is an attack from the liberal media.
This is not the case.
What do you think is going on?
What I\'m trying to say is--
This is the Weekly Standard.
I don\'t think it\'s a business decision. -
Yes, because their users are losing.
But that\'s not the case. WILLIAMS: OK.
But that\'s not what we\'re here to discuss.
Emily, when Claire McCaskill says we\'re going to do more, you can\'t just talk to women in the party, but also talk to Republicans about women.
I mean, they lost women in the 2018 midterm elections and they have some reason to make up for it.
COMPAGNO: Yes, in the mid-term elections, the left has sent a positive message to women, but I think it will be more important, right, if it is not that specific term, it can be achieved.
When you lose everyone
When you alienate all the people who are not women, right?
I recently participated in a diversity event but never called it that way.
The planners say the whole commitment is for diversity, with a certain percentage and--
No matter what, but never-
This is just a financial event.
What is its name?
Greg Gutfeld\'s show.
So, the point is that it makes everyone relaxed, not limited to some type, Oh, I\'m this, so I\'m going to answer this call.
I respectfully disagree with you about the conservative bubble because I think there is an important faction that is more than just the knee --jerk pro-Trump --
Supporters in the conservative bubbleAnd on the --
Williams: Well, who would that be?
Do you want me to name it?
There are some people here.
Williams: I \'ve been saying this is how it looks.
I mean, by the way, about what you think about women.
I think it\'s 23-
Point out the gender gap in the mid-term exam, right?
You see what\'s going on, and I think there are 30 new Democratic women in Congress coming in next time.
Republicans lost, falling from 20 to 13.
I don\'t mean to interrupt you, Juan.
We have breaking news, and I want to bring you this Fox News alert, President Trump has just tweeted his own director B and chief CFPB Mick muwani, will be his acting chief of staff, so not the permanent chief of staff.
But I think Mick moonney-
Many of you may know that he is a member of Congress in South Carolina.
Juan, what do you think of Mick muwani taking over just to see them clearly?
Williams: I mean, the biggest news before that was that Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, said he was going out on his own.
We see a lot of people saying, no, I\'m not going to do that.
This is a hard job.
It seems that the next two years will be turbulent.
I think a lot of people moved away.
So, Mick muwani is really part of the team. PERINO: Yeah.
He has three jobs now, Jess. WATTERS: Yeah. I mean --(CROSSTALK)WATTERS: --
As Trump\'s chief of staff, my mother advised me not to do so.
So now, like Christie, I\'m going to get myself out of it. -
Good job, Jess.
Waters: As I said before, I think it\'s all about personal chemistry with the president.
Looks like--
They have a good relationship.
Waters: The relationship is good. he can guide the course next time. -
I don\'t know how long it will take to get a permanent, maybe two weeks, a month?
But I think the names of a lot of people like Chris Christie and David Bosey are not actually taken seriously into account.
Perino: now the president is coming into the weekend with a little news. That one --
That story, we\'re going to remove it from the page. -GUTFELD: Yeah. I guess --
I\'m not interested in changes in staffing, and I should be.
I just saw people coming in and out--PERINO: --
Washington Olympic Games
The people I wouldn\'t mention, Santorum, claim they went out and then they didn\'t go out.
But like--
Like floating their names?
GUTFELD: float their names. I mean --come on. PERINO: Emily?
COMPAGNO: Just to point out to our audience the limitations of performance-
There are restrictions on the role of the agency position.
But that\'s it when the president appoints him, or nominates him, or whatever.
Perino: the role of chief of staff-
You can perform for a long time.
Exactly. And so that --
It makes it uncertain.
After he found out he was chief of staff(LAUGHTER)(CROSSTALK)(LAUGHTER)
Mick Mulvaney said he was not interested in the position.
He likes his job and even considers a cabinet position.
But the role of the chief of staff is--
I think he\'s going to be a good chief of staff and maybe he\'s going to decide it\'s good there.
You are the doorman of the president.
Williams: probably the most interesting thing is Jared Kushner, if he brings Jared in, because, remember, what\'s going on is that the former chief of staff is said to be out with Jerry and Ivanka.
But now, I don\'t know what the relationship is with muwani.
Very smart guy. he\'s very popular.
Perino: Also, they will be in the budget season as well, so now is a good time to hear from the president. OK.
Is the attack by Mika Brzezinski on our Secretary of State Mike Pompeii exposing double standards?
This is the next of five. (
Business break)
COMPAGNO: It\'s a Fox news alert, and President Trump has just announced that Mick muwani, director of OMB, will serve as the acting White House chief of staff.
Let\'s Go to White House reporter Kevin Cork. Kevin?
Reporter Kevin Cork: It\'s always interesting, you know, and you never know what\'s going to happen at the White House on Friday.
Especially when you think Michael Cohen\'s story dominates the news cycle, the White House is happy to throw a little meat for the base, and perhaps, even a little distracted this Friday afternoon, it may not be surprising.
So, as you just pointed out, the president just announced on twitter a while ago that he would at least announce on the action, name his director of the Office of Management and Budget, and acting White House chief of staff, Mick muwani, to succeed General John Kelly, who serves our country.
The president said Nick did a great job in government work.
I look forward to working with America in a new capacity as we continue to make America great again.
John will stay with us until the end of the year.
He\'s a great patriot.
I want to thank him personally for his service.
Now, Mick muwani is someone we see a lot at the White House.
Clearly, he has held several positions in this government.
Now, when we get more information, maybe some voices, and of course I\'ll pass it on, it seems like he\'ll serve in another place, at least on the basis of the show.
But now, come back to you.
Thank you very much, Kevin.
Well, Mika Brzezinski was attacked for using homophobic slander earlier this week, while attacking Mike Pompeii for his murder in Jamaal Khashoggi(
Start Video Editing)
Mika brzezinski, MSNBC host: I know Donald Trump doesn\'t care. (INAUDIBLE)
Speak well.
He doesn\'t care.
But why doesn\'t Mike Pompeii care now?
When he showed up on Fox & Friends, the sad deviation we just heard was whether a Patriot was talking or a scarce person --to-
The ass kid of a dictator?
I\'m asking, Is this what the Patriots said? (END VIDEO CLIP)
COMPAGNO: the MSNBC host now apologizes for her offensive remarks.
But please note who Mika missed in the apology(
Start Video Editing)
Brzezinski: I want to talk about a vulgar term I used on this show on Wednesday.
I knew it right away and I said on Twitter it was a bad choice of words and I\'m sorry.
But please allow me to say this. to-face.
The word is rude and offensive and I apologize to everyone, especially the LGBTQ community and my colleagues.
This is a mistake.
But I just want to say that in front of the camera, looking straight into the eyes of the audience, I am really sorry. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Greg, let me start with you.
I think so--GUTFELD: Why? Go ahead.
I think--
Too careless.
This is a casual example for me and has now penetrated into the media.
There is a difference between thoughtful emphasis and all the time, for example, you put everything in what you say and you make a lot of jokes.
So, let\'s go through this thin line, it\'s not very good for me.
Well, this is a deal.
She apologized. you should accept every apology. Right?
I know in my mind that if I say that they will never do the same for me. So we --
I think I forgive you on this show. -
I accept an apology.
Joey Bihar, Joey Reid, and even Kathy Griffin.
Sam Seder, do you remember him getting cans from MSNBC? I defended him.
He got his job back.
You\'re welcome, Sam. Anyway, but --
But if I lose my hand, you know, I\'m gone.
So the problem is that we should always be better characters and we should always accept apologies.
I really believe. -
I kind of disagree with you.
I think it is very important to do live TV.
Especially when you\'re excited.
She is very excited about Trump. Right?
So Trump has changed a lot of people. And so --
So they get emotional and they say something.
In the meantime, you have a complete gawker industry, the generic term gawker, just waiting for you there. Right?
Waiting for these media blogs you messed up.
God will help you if the people on Fox News screw up because they don\'t want you to apologize.
They will find you.
They will boycott you.
They will do what they can.
At the same time, all of us here will say, \"We accept your apology.
Because we are good people.
Dana, what is the role of MSNBC here, P. R. wise?
What are their actions?
Perino: I\'m sure as soon as they hear ---
Well, maybe I don\'t know.
She said she knew it was wrong as soon as she heard the news, otherwise she would have to apologize.
When you\'re live on TV, you want to be--
You want to hurry-
When you want to say a word, you realize you shouldn\'t say it like, well, maybe you should apologize right away.
It took them about 48 hours to finish.
I definitely think it\'s OK to apologize, but think about it on the other hand.
Think about people like Kevin Hart. -
The Tasman Cup champion. PERINO: Yes.
Goodfield: Fourteen years--14-year-old --
Perino: At the very least, the Tasman trophy winner does not have to take back his prize. GUTFELD: Right.
Perino: It was a great show for Kevin Hart to basically have to leave, and that was hosting an Oscar.
Now, they can\'t find someone they think is worth it. GUTFELD: Mika.
She can host.
This is a good idea.
COMPAGNO: Jesse, in terms of Greg\'s point of view, the landscape has changed, basically, Trump has--
Trump Charges people so emotionally that it actually changes the landscape of live TV. What is that?
I\'m not listening to Greg. I really --
I transferred him out.
I think, basically, whenever there is a dispute, I say to myself, what is the impact if Waters says so?
Usually, this is a huge double standard.
If I say this, I will toast and there will be no \"waters\" world.
\"It will be a very sad day.
But there is an unequal judicial system in the United States.
Look, Hillary\'s been treated differently. -
Oh, my God.
Waters: how about some? -
Obama was treated differently.
Trump was treated differently.
Even in the court system, the rich are treated differently.
Poor people are treated differently.
So when there\'s a scandal or a comment, you think, oh, Joey Reid got away.
You know, Kaitlan Collins, CNN\'s woman, said something in the past.
She got away with it. I think --
Who is the man who is late for hosting-
On the evening show, Stephen Colbert escaped what he said was vulgar.
Or Jim Jeffries.
If you look at Jim Jeffries\'s past, he has a show at the Comedy Center.
Waters: Yes, think about Bill Mach, he\'s white and says the word \"N\" on TV. And he\'s fine.
Do you know who caused more trouble?
Ben Sasse, a Republican, is not strongly enough to condemn him.
So it really depends on something.
Look at Ross Anne.
Yes, Ross Anne, another situation.
If you are a member of the PC core Circle Club, who are you;
Who you are attacking, if it is a Republican, it doesn\'t matter;
And the language you use.
There is also a big double standard.
Juan, do you agree?
You know, I have--
Just promise, Juan.
Williams: I have a different view of this place. Because I --
I think this is an interesting situation for Mike. a [SIC]
Jesse, right? -WATTERS: Mika?
Williams: Mike Mikaa, whatever.
Like the potato pagoda you said. to.
Did you say she was a potato? She is not --
She\'s not starch.
Williams: It\'s a good thing I didn\'t say \"tomato.
\"But what I think is interesting is that the person on the left is upset with her.
I think that\'s why, as far as you are concerned, the apology was not made to Mike Pompeii. GUTFELD: Yes.
WILLIAMS: It went to the LGBT community because they were the people who said \"Hey ---
You even heard this from our former colleague, President Trump\'s ambassador to Germany, who said it was offensive when you legalized same-sex.
It belittled them.
I think that\'s why she\'s not happy, and I think that\'s why she has.
Because advertisers and the Internet are sensitive to the community.
This is their community. That\'s their --
That\'s their audience. WATTERS: Yes.
We saw this recently.
A young black man made a speech about Israel, and he used this thing in the speech, you know, by the sea or something, and they said, \"Hey, we can\'t have you here anymore.
\"People do get punished.
But, you know, it\'s an impulsive language, rude language for me.
It\'s not good for me.
I think that makes the whole concept of how we communicate rough.
But I have to say, kid, do we know? -
Where did all this come from?
A man named Donald Trump
ORTAGUS: Okay, okay, okay at this point. WATTERS: --Trump, yes.
ORTAGUS: It\'s the season for gifts.
Two new studies have helped my friends prepare for the Christmas shopping rush in advance. (
Business break)(
Music: Happy World)
Jesse feels this way.
It\'s only 11 days away from Christmas, and the pressure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list may start right now.
But before going out for shopping this weekend, you may want to think of some additional ideas to consider the idea of a gift.
A new study shows that most people have forgotten the gifts they received last year.
Another survey shows that most people receive gifts they don\'t want and will never use them.
Jess, what did you get from mom and dad last year? WATTERS: Coal.
I think the better question is what did you get from me?
Williams: yours?
What did they get from you?
Something he wants but never uses.
You bought me the Michael Jackson zip jacket.
Perino: That\'s right.
Red leather.
Williams: But I didn\'t see you in there.
ORTAGUS: that\'s great for you.
This is exactly what he wanted but never used.
Yes, Juan, we don\'t usually hang out on set. WILLIAMS: OK.
So maybe you will.
Will you? You\'d wear it? WATTERS: No.
On special occasions
Look, I prefer cash for Christmas for tax purposes.
Very clean and beautiful.
I don\'t like sweaters either. And here\'s why. WILLIAMS: OK.
Waters: you don\'t need a sweater anymore in this world.
Think about it. everything is hot. All --
There is indoor heating in 21st century.
Not like the last century, you have to, like, layers, you know?
If it\'s cold outside, put on your coat.
I mean, sweaters were only available in the last century.
So for gift giving, I like to do something for gift giving.
I listen to people.
I have been watching for a year.
I pay great attention. I\'m not self-centered.
I remember what they said.
If I don\'t remember, I will buy them a gift card from the steakhouse. And here\'s why.
There is a strategy.
I tried to arrange when they went to the steakhouse, so I was with them and then before I went, \"Hey, don\'t you have a gift card?
They put it down.
I have to pay less. ORTAGUS: Ugh. You\'re such a --just hideous.
Williams: Emily, have you thought about buying me something? ORTAGUS: Oh. Oh.
Williams: because Porsche dealers closed early Friday.
Let me make a phone call.
Well, you can predict, I\'m crazy about Christmas presents.
I pride myself on being a very good gift giver, so I got something in this year.
For example, this summer, when we had a really cool, fun and unique set of Jesus\' birth somewhere, I got my Mom\'s Christmas present.
I bought it for her and I wrapped it up.
I received a Christmas present in the laundry room on July. And that way --
Is your mother watching?
Did you pack it in July?
Yes, I did because the packaging was really satisfactory.
Did you ruin it?
No, I don\'t think she\'s looking. Whatever.
The point is ,--
In this way, the gift makes sense and lasts longer and people don\'t forget because I don\'t like it, \"Oh dang, it\'s Thursday today and I have to run out and get something
\"Waters: steak house gift card!
Always make the crowd happy.
Williams: Dana, I think I heard you say you sent a signal and a hint to Peter. Oh, yes.
Williams: But you also said you had a deal with Peter. No gifts.
Perino: We don\'t have a gift deal this year because we are on an important trip.
But then I sent him a link to the wholesale backpacks wallet I wanted, but I sent it in a color that I decided I didn\'t want anymore, and now I don\'t know how to tell them.
So I wrote the gift deed rule and then I might get another package.
He sent me a note saying, \"what custom backpacks are you talking about?
\"So maybe I didn\'t really break the deal.
I\'m a little stressed anyway, but I try to do that.
I bought something when I went to Spain this year.
But I\'m still under pressure--
My capitalist hangover. WATTERS: Oh! PERINO: A lot.
Waters: The Legacy of capitalism.
I think Bernie Sanders does.
Williams: Greg, you know, on the other hand, for everything, I think the important part is remembered, just like someone thinks of you at Christmas.
Please don\'t miss me, please don\'t miss me. All right.
Let me solve this problem. There --
There is too much redundancy in this process.
Let me give you three examples.
Packaging of gifts.
You buy paper, you fold and tape carefully.
So what do you do?
You tear them off, you tear them off, you throw them away.
This is redundant.
Second, it took you a year to try to lose the last 10 pounds from the previous holiday.
Then around November, you lost 10 pounds.
Then in January, you got 10 pounds back because you ate like a pig.
The third thing you keep-
Maybe you saved thousands of dollars a year, right? try to do good.
And then you have these gifts you want to buy.
You have to travel.
You have to see people all over the country.
You pay for all this food.
All of a sudden, your money, your savings, thousands, went out of the window!
So if you don\'t have Christmas, if we have Christmas every other year, or every four years, the Olympics are past, when the Olympics are interesting, every four years, Christmas, yes, you will be healthier, you will be richer, the environment will be better and everyone will be happy.
Waters: humbug!
No, that\'s not--
America agrees with me!
\"Greg, we agree with you.
Hey, Merry Christmas, Greg.
Merry Christmas, yes.
Merry Christmas, Sir. Grinch.
Anyway, you don\'t want to go because next is our own grinch Greg\'s \"fan mail Friday \". (
Business break)(Christmas music)
Do you know what that is? WATTERS: What?
Concierge music in the holiday lobby.
I like it.
Isn\'t that good?
This is what you hear when checking in or checking out.
Waters: Great.
Or just check.
Perino: look. GUTFELD: Yes.
OK, the first \"fan mail Friday\" question for the salon.
\"If you were invited to dinner at someone else\'s house, what would you bring? \" Emily. ORTAGUS: Wine. GUTFELD: Wine?
What wine? ORTAGUS: Red.
Red, okay. Fair enough. Juan.
Williams: ice cream.
Ice cream? Interesting. Really?
Williams: Many people don\'t have ice cream.
This is crazy.
He brought his own ice cream!
He brought his own ice cream.
Williams: It\'s for them. But I eat it.
Exactly. Perino: That\'s right.
Jesse, what did you bring?
We know it\'s not a sweater. No, no.
I brought wine but I tried to bring it.
I don\'t like to go out and bring new wine.
I brought the wine I already had at home.
ORTAGUS: for God\'s sake. Of course.
You\'re amazing.
Everything is about how--
You\'re a liar.
That\'s who you are.
You\'re always looking for shortcuts.
How do you think I got here? GUTFELD: Dana.
Perino: I also want to say wine because I\'m not a good cook. GUTFELD: Yes.
I bring chocolate sometimes.
This is a very stupid question.
You see, I didn\'t bring anything, but I brought something home.
Waters: here you are.
GUTFELD: medicine cabinet.
People don\'t know.
Greg, it\'s terrible--ORTAGUS: --
No one invited you.
I stole their Zyquil.
Perino: \"We\'re not listening, Dana.
Goodfield: Jude P.
Q: \"Do you have any strange daily work that you have to do, or will your day rest? \" Jesse.
Waters: take my medicine. Every morning.
Good for you.
Williams: the one you stole from dinner the night before.
Exactly. Dana. PERINO: I --
No, I\'m not superstitious at all. No.
Goodfield: but no--so like, you --
I mean, I brushed my teeth.
Goodfield: thank God.
Yes, my day will end if you don\'t brush your teeth. PERINO: Yes. GUTFELD: Juan.
Williams: Well, I pray, but I read the newspaper in the morning.
Perino: If I don\'t read the paper, the whole thing is over. That\'s true.
You go there. There you go.
Perino: I think I forgot to do something all day. GUTFELD: Emily. ORTAGUS: Yes.
I mean, so do I.
I must have a routine, but I\'m not--
I didn\'t need to turn three times in the lobby before I left, and it didn\'t seem to bother the rest of the day. GUTFELD: Yes.
I said put on my pants.
Last time I forgot, I was not feeling well on the subway. PERINO: Cold.
Should I ask a question? Sure.
\"What is the last thing you like to do, you can\'t pay someone else to do it? \" Juan.
Williams: I think--you know.
No one will drag the floor unless you know-
But I sometimes have to do this if there is confusion.
When you spill the ice cream.
Williams: That\'s right. GUTFELD: Dana.
Perino: The last thing I like to do. GUTFELD: Yes.
But you can\'t pay someone else.
I can think of about seven.
I can\'t think of anything.
But I can\'t say it. Jesse.
Waters: I mean, I \'ve reached the stage of my life where I can pay anyone anything.
Williams: Come on, man! Come on.
I bet the producer is--
The producer is screaming.
Williams: Stop, stop.
They are screaming and we can all hear it from our ears.
ORTAGUS: I think you are showing your true colors to the United States right now.
Today is Friday.
Waters: America. PERINO: True-color Friday.
GUTFELD: I will if I can brush my teeth everywhere. PERINO: No.
Williams: you pay someone. -
I am willing to pay someone to brush my teeth. Yes.
Williams: that\'s too bad.
Then I look forward to it.
I know. I know.
I hope I can pay someone to do my cardio. I hate cardio. GUTFELD: Yes.
Do your exercises.
You have to do that.
So can\'t you think of one, Emily?
I don\'t know. Work. Work stuff.
Do you know what I mean?
When you say \"Oh, I have a lot of things to do.
I think you like work.
I like everything a little.
You like everything.
Who is the King of England?
What is Prince George or his name?
Who is that old guy? Anyway --
Prince Charles?
Prince Charles.
Prince Charles--Charles. Perino. Charles.
He\'s not a king!
Waters: Prince Charles got someone else, like one of his housekeepers ---GUTFELD: Yes. WATTERS: --
Squeeze the little thing of toothpaste on the toothbrush
I saw it! I read it!
I don\'t think it\'s true.
I saw it!
Everything you see in the news is true!
GUTFELD: One more thing to do next.
Are you okay? WATTERS: No.
Let me take medicine.
Thank God for his music. (
Business break)
Waters: it\'s time for \"one more thing.
\"I left a hair yesterday --
My producer, Mike lemaka (ph).
The result came out! Here they are.
I smoke Lemarca (ph)
About 40 points. ORTAGUS: No way.
Waters: It\'s not even closed.
The people have already spoken. And Lemarca (ph)
A statement has been issued. Are you ready?
\"I should smile in the picture, or with a better picture, I should step up the publicity in Michigan and Wisconsin.
Congrats, lemaka. ph).
Good luck next time.
Thank you very much.
In addition, \"the world of Watt\"m. Saturday.
We have Laura Trump and Kylie Ann Conway, fair and balanced.
We also have a body language expert to break down Trump. Pelosi-Pence-Schumer.
You have to keep her focused only on Pence. We did it. We do.
Ask her about George.
It will be interesting.
This is my Christmas miracle week anyway.
This is a living miracle.
Look at Tom Pizano.
He is 105 years old this week, and in the league outside Rochester, he bowling twice a week. PERINO: Wow.
Williams: He says bowling is the way he works out, and all the exercises pay off, averaging 135 points per game.
Although he has been bowling for 90 years, he still wants to improve his grades and impress his wife.
She\'s in her 100 s.
Merry Christmas to her.
Happy Christmas
Merry Christmas, Tom.
Happy birthday to you.
To my family: to Raffi, 30, and my wife, Delisa.
I left her age to myself.
Waters: Okay. Happy birthday. Dana. PERINO: OK.
Everything you waitOn FOXNews.
If you go to Fox News
Com, you can find 10 Jasper photos of my favorite 2018 as I love you so much ---
I know you want this. -
The annual Jasper calendar has just been released. WATTERS: Wow! COMPAGNO: Yay!
Emily, I know you\'ll keep it.
These guys may sell their products on eBay. Look at Greg.
Oh, I like these.
I also gave one of my dogs to my family.
These are great.
Perino: Thank you.
Yes, they are. GUTFELD (singing)
Great animals. You know what?
I can\'t even do a \"animal great\" show today because we don\'t-Oh, I can?
Well, first of all, the \"Greg guffide show\" is awesome tonight. (
Start Video Editing)GUTFELD (singing)
Great animals!
Great animals!
Great animals! (END VIDEO CLIP)
I\'m on the show at 10 tomorrow. m.
Heather Zuma, here you are.
Fried Kris, Ji timf, push Luo. Watch the show.
Let\'s go see the video.
The dog steals. You guys. There it is.
Look, they have a video of a dog stealing an actual package. I am --
I don\'t know if this is--
I don\'t know if this is in line with the saying \"animals are great.
The animals are really smart.
Yes, the animals are really smart. He\'s a thief.
Animals can--can be illegal. WATTERS (singing)
Animals are thieves.
I will shut up now. Emily, go.
You know I like cars.
I have a chance to play a game this weekend.
This is really my dream weekend.
Most importantly, it is a special action charity representing the American Veterans Corps.
So I represent a fallen SEAL. PERINO: Wow.
ORTAGUS: I saw his family of Venus. it was great.
It was an incredible experience.
Faster than the sound.
So, watch me tomorrow on \"Fox and Friends\" where you can learn more and go to my Twitter.
Learn more.
Com learn more so you can support this amazing game.
Waters: Okay.
Congratulate you.
Really cool.
Waters: it doesn\'t look like Homer and hergesas are doing much on that show.
They showed up on the weekend. All right.
ORTAGUS: my weight.
WATTERS: \"Special Report\" by Bret Baier \".
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