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Trolley Bag with healthy growth of children

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
In recent years, it has been advocated to reduce the burden on children, not only in psychology, but also in study and life, such as the improvement of children's schoolbags, among them, the trolley bag is a powerful manifestation of the burden on children's study and life. The trolley bag is a new type of schoolbag that can be pulled back. When there are more textbooks and difficulties, it can be pulled away to reduce the pressure of children and avoid the deformity caused by heavy schoolwork, develop the wrong habit of carrying, thus causing irreparable consequences for future life. From the following successful cases, we can see how Xilong customized the trolley bag for Xiamen Tsinghua Experimental School. The above trolley bag is an ultra-light EVA shaped trolley bag for primary and secondary school students. In order to show the characteristics of Xiamen Tsinghua Experimental School, in the early stage of schoolbag customization, especially for the cloth of the schoolbag, the purple element dedicated to Tsinghua school VI is specially dyed. The material is made of 230D nylon. The texture is soft and comfortable, the color is uniform and beautiful, the built-in function is perfect, and the weight is light, it imitates the characteristics of the body's back bag to improve the design. At the same time, it also designs the corresponding specifications and sizes according to different school-age sections, which is deeply loved by the parents of the students and teachers. The trolley bag is a popular fashion student bag at present. The overall design is to consider the children's academic pressure and reduce the pressure of the backpack. It is also fully functional, durable and easy to disassemble, thus virtually protecting the healthy growth of children, create a carefree study life for children. Sweep the attention'Xilong luggage' This article is from Xilong luggage, please add a link to reprint it. http://www . Azy288. com/
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