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Travel Choice backpack or luggage case is better

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
Many people like traveling, and they always bring a lot of big and small items. This requires a backpack or luggage case. Some people like to use luggage case. They think it is convenient and don't have to be too tired. Some people think that luggage case is not as convenient as backpacks. If you travel, is it better to choose backpack or luggage case? We did a survey online. 60% of netizens will choose backpacks, while 30% will choose two and a few will choose luggage case. Let's see what they say. 1. For friends who love backpacking, the reason for choosing backpacking is that the common netizens think they can bring as few things as possible. Netizens think that carrying a bag can free your hands, and traveling outside itself is to walk around, look at the mountains and rivers, play places of interest and historic sites and change places, pulling the luggage case is heavy, troublesome, and can't take off. 2, Love luggage case travel, netizens respond, luggage case is sent by the company. The company customizes the trolley case to facilitate employees to travel, store more items, and also use the high-quality trolley case to promote the company. Some netizens also said that if you travel for a long time, you will choose luggage case, which is also convenient to bring some special products home when you travel. 3. Both love friends, luggage case and backpack love friends, but consider very thoughtful, the following is a mother netizen's original words:' I think the luggage case is a little heavier, but it is quite convenient. My husband likes to use luggage case, because he can pull it when the road is easy to walk, which can save a lot of effort. When there is no place at the airport and the railway station, you can also sit on a stool for your children, which your husband's company did. 'Xilong luggage case', The quality is very good, it is no problem to jump on it. However, backpacks are also essential. I will bring some water, snacks and so on. ' Therefore, in daily travel, luggage case and backpack are worn at the same time, and luggage case is loaded with clothes, toiletries and electronic equipment. When we arrived at the destination, we changed to backpacks, carrying valuables and replacing clothes one day, all of which were packed in backpacks, and the luggage was placed in the hotel. Is it better to choose backpack or luggage case for travel? The capacity degree and usage range of both play a necessary role with your travel. Or maybe you think you have to pull one with a bag on your back, which is really tiring. Then you can choose'Xilong luggage' The sliding rod backpack can be inserted on the luggage case and walk with the luggage case, reducing the pressure on the shoulders, and can concentrate on watching the luggage case and the bag at the airport where the crowd is mixed, the safety of luggage is improved.
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