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trash talk: 269,000 tons of plastic litter choke world\'s oceans

by:Xilong      2019-08-22
There are plastic shopping bags, bottles, toys, action pictures, caps, pacifiers, toothbrushes, boots, buckets, deodorant rolls, umbrella handles, fishing gear, toilet seat and so much.
Plastic pollution is common in the Earth\'s oceans.
Researchers released on Wednesday what they call the most scientific and rigorous estimate of the amount of plastic waste in the ocean so far --
About 269,000 tons
According to data from 24 global ship expeditions in six years.
Los Angeles research director Marcus Eriksson said: \"There is much more plastic pollution outside than recently estimated --\"
The headquarters is located at the 5 Gyres Institute for the study of this pollution.
\"This is everything you can imagine made of plastic,\" Eriksen added . \" He led the research published in the journal Science, plos one.
\"Like Wal-Mart or Target set. ” Ninety-
2% of plastic appears in the form of \"micro-plastic --
Eriksen said the particles from larger items were brittle by sunlight, hit by waves into pieces, bitten by sharks and other fish, or torn apart.
In recent years, experts have warned about how plastic pollution can kill a large number of seabirds, marine mammals and other creatures while polluting the marine ecosystem.
Some plastic objects, such as abandoned fishing nets, die from the winding of dolphins, turtles and other animals.
Plastic fragments can also remain in the throat and digestive tract of marine animals.
Plastic waste enters the ocean from rivers and densely populated coastal areas, as well as ships sailing through waterways, the researchers said.
Large plastic objects, Rich near the coastline, often float in five subtropical regions of the world.
The North-South Pacific, the North-South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.
In these swirls, plastic garbage dumps accumulate into huge \"garbage belts\" and act as \"huge mixers \"--
The shredders, from large pieces of plastic to micro-plastic, \"Eriksen said.
The study is based on expedition data for all five subtropical seas off Australia\'s coast, Bay of Bengal and the Mediterranean Sea, with an estimated 5.
25 trillion pieces of plastic garbage.
Tiny plastic particles small to the size of sand have spread out in the ocean and even reach distant polar regions.
The particles can easily absorb chemical contaminants such as PCBs and DDT, and when fish and other marine organisms consume these toxins, they enter the marine food chain, the researchers said.
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