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topshop is selling a brown paper bag to hold your lunch…and it costs a whopping £13

by:Xilong      2019-08-18
TOPSHOP is selling this brown paper custom backpacks and you can buy lunch for £ 13.
It is understandable that the customer is a little confused as to why someone would pay so much for the simpleLook at the product.
The official website of Topshop describes the item as a lunch bag in a paper bag.
Although this accessory looks a lot like a brown paper bag, it does have some extra benefits.
It is clearly made of tough, tear-proof, leak-proof, and insulation.
The design also features a magnetic roller top fastening function.
Although the bag is obviously more complex than regular paper, it doesn\'t seem to be off the shelf. One fashion-
Conscious Twitter users ask: \"How does topshop try to sell paper bags for £ 13? ?
\"Many people are also confused as to why you buy more expensive packaging for your lunch than the food itself.
Topshop is not the first time to confuse fashion lovers with their questionable outfits.
In April, customers were completely confused by the brand\'s products. though jeans.
Before that, these \"transparent Knee Mom Jeans\" were released, and it quickly went viral due to its unusual design.
Shoppers are divided about the big cracks in these pants. . .
But will you wear it?
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