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top 10 germ traps

by:Xilong      2019-09-01
Tiber shower head from Dorf.
Source: The bacteria supplied can be found in places you never imagined. Did you know?
A professor of microbiology at Manchester City University says mobile phones contain more bacteria than toilet seats or soles.
Whether it\'s coughing on a train, chattering while the bus is in line, or sneezing in an office elevator, it\'s easy to see how bacteria spread.
But where are those places that are unlikely to haunt, where there are millions of bacteria that can make you sick even if you don\'t know?
Usually, the place with the most bacteria is where you don\'t think twice. There are 884 confirmed flu cases in the first six months of this year alone, it\'s never more important to know where they are. 1. Warm-
So you wash your hands in the public bathroom.
Dry them now and you\'re ready, right? Wrong.
A British study found that clothes dryers can lead to a 254 increase in bacteria called S. aureus, which can lead to food poisoning and other infections. The new super-
The fast jet dryers are not that good, and due to their high speed, the bacteria have increased by an average of 42, and the bacteria have spread around the bathroom by two metres.
So what is the suggestion?
Back to basics.
Paper towels reduce the proportion of bacteria by about 77. 2.
Who would think that you are cleaning you with something twice a day and are actually bathing you?
A study in the United States found that the tested shower head contained a high level of mycobacteria, which causes lung infection when inhaled or swallowed and is associated with heart disease.
Researchers at the University of Colorado found that the bacteria on the shower head were 100 times higher than those in typical household water.
While there are few problems for most healthy people, people with weakened immune systems, such as older people, pregnant women, or those who overcome the disease, may be vulnerable.
Experts recommend using a metal shower head and running water for 30 seconds before use.
To clean the metal shower head, remove the shower head and put it in boiling water for 20 minutes.
Run and return through fresh water.
To be cleaner, soak overnight with vinegar before running under fresh water.
Do it about once a month. 3.
They\'re from our junk phones.
Before sticking to our hands and heads for a long time, fill the handbag and stick it to the kitchen table.
Sometimes, if we are not fast enough, they will even appear directly in the mouth of our curious toddler.
How clean are our phones?
British experts say cell phones contain more bacteria than the soles of a toilet seat or a shoe running errands all day.
Professor of Microbiology at Manchester City University said that the constant processing of mobile devices, which are placed in pockets or bags, and the heat they produce, makes these devices the main breeding ground for bed bugs, including S. aureus that can cause acne and infection. Their advice?
Clean your phone regularly with an antibacterial wipes and try to keep it in a cool and dry place. 4.
Door handle we go from one to the other every day, door handle can be like bacteria --
A public toilet with no seats.
More vigilance is needed to maintain the flu
Free this winter
Dr. Steve Hambleton, vice president of the Australian Medical Association, said people need to protect themselves from dirty door handles --
Especially the bathroom door.
\"Use the little alcoholic gel that you carry in your wallet or in your car,\" Dr. Hambleton said . \".
If your hands are dirty, use soap and water.
\"Our immune system is designed to protect us, but we can also help it,\" he said . \". 5.
Stair railing when you\'re playing with a bunch of shopping bags and a screaming kid, you can\'t help but grab the stair railing, but you can help with the bugs you bring home.
Dr Jeremy McAnulty, an infectious disease expert at Health Department in New South Wales, said bacteria are everywhere, well-hygienic, vaccinated and aware that not spreading flu symptoms are all ways to stop bad bugs.
\"Bacteria naturally appear on the handrails, and if a sick person touches one, it is possible that you put the bacteria on your hand and put your hands in your mouth,\" Dr. McAnulty said. 6.
Traffic lights are moved by many people from all walks of life.
Including many impatient children.
And it\'s easy to transfer bacteria.
Dr. Timothy Inglis, a public health microbiology, said people are in high school
There are surface traffic areas that many people have come into contact.
\"Logically, in the cold and flu seasons, the more a person\'s position becomes the point of contact for people\'s hands, the more it becomes the point of bacterial transmission,\" he said . \".
So next time you press the button over and over again, tap your feet while you change the light, take out your hand sanitizer and disinfect while you wait.
You may miss the bus, but you may also leave bacteria. 7.
Computer keyboard have you carefully observed the small cracks in the computer keyboard and found the remnants of last week\'s vegetable toast or the crumbs on yesterday\'s sandwich?
Or, in a really thorough cleaning process, did you turn it upside down and get your table wet with all sorts of sand and dirt, and you don\'t even know there?
Then did you eat another piece of vegetable toast?
It\'s not a good idea to have breakfast or lunch on your desk-
Especially your job.
It\'s easy to see why.
Dr. Inglis said that respiratory viruses transmitted throughout the office during the winter months can often be prevented by good cough etiquette and careful hand hygiene.
\"We infer these different locations.
Where bacteria spread
In the general environment, people have a lot of physical contact with it.
Something like a computer keyboard and a phone . \"
He recommends using paper towels and handling them thoughtfully, washing your hands after you blow your nose, and using careful hand hygiene when using a computer keyboard. 8.
The fact that the ATMBank machines are rarely cleaned and touched by thousands of people, so the fact that they are shelters for bacteria should not be surprising.
Dr. McAnulty said hard shiny surfaces such as ATM keyboards contain large amounts of bacteria, which makes good hand hygiene particularly important.
\"If someone gets the flu, coughs, has flu bacteria on their hands, or diarrhea, does not wash their hands, and does not touch the button, then you can spread the bacteria out, he said.
\"But simple precautions, such as washing your hands when you\'re out and touching what the public touches, are good tips to reduce risk.
\"So next time you need cash, think about how much you need to catch a cold too --
Let the sterilized alcoholic gel be available at any time to kill these bacteria. 9. Make-
Does anyone come up?
Next time you\'re on makeup
On the counter, think about it before you test it
This is the advice of the experts.
Dr. McAnulty said that if customers are in contact with body fluids or mucous membranes (such as eyes), they should ensure that the product is disinfected before use.
\"If the device you use touches someone\'s mucus, like in their eyes, and the person has a cold, then the bacteria can spread, he said.
\"It is a good idea to ensure that products are properly disinfected between individuals using them.
\"If you get the flu, stay at home so you don\'t spread it to others,\" Dr. McAnulty said . \".
\"Or, if it\'s not that serious, like a cold, it\'s your responsibility to stop spreading it to others, when you cough or sneeze and wash your hands with soap and tap water for 20 seconds, cover your face and stay away from people. \"10.
Supermarket carts are caught every day by thousands of busy shoppers, riding with sweat and nasty bacteria.
If there is a child sitting in front, saliva and fingers can also be contaminated, and the sticky stick is usually a teething tool for toddlers.
Dr. Steve Hambleton, vice president of the Australian Medical Association, said that the trolley handle is a reproductive paradise and shoppers should be cautious.
\"We have hard surfaces all around us, and if they are indoors and not dry, they carry bacteria for a long time,\" he said . \".
\"You have to think about who the last child in the cart is, and of course, the hand goes into the mouth at once.
\"Antibacterial wipes or alcoholic gels can make sure you only take home shopping without anything else,\" he said.
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