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toms: the evolution of cannabis – stoner culture gives way to corporate weed

by:Xilong      2019-08-10
\"There is a very faint smell of weeds, but it is completely different from the former illegal pharmacy that smells.
After waiting for almost 40 years, I finally did it: I bought legal marijuana.
So far, I have not made a law for different reasons (or illegal)
Buy online.
But in April 1, legallyand-
The Mortar weed retail store came to Ontario and in April 6 I ventured to one of the top three stores in Ottawa.
Recently, I have been buying my marijuana from now on. closed, so-
Called Pharmacy, sprouted soon after C-passed
45. Federal Act on the legalization of marijuana.
It has been a long time since I had \"one person;
The gram or so I spend a month is not enough to bother any of them.
For me, April 6 was the day our old stonemason was waiting because we rolled the hash joint on the Led Zeppelin album jacket.
Don\'t make any more sneaky phone calls and meetings and speak with stupid code words.
We are legal now. this is what we always want.
For me, April 6 was the day our old stonemason was waiting because we rolled the hash joint on the Led Zeppelin album jacket.
I cross the street-
Entering the horizontal entrance of the lobby of the legal hot pot restaurant, was instantly waved into the retail area, and the age was undoubtedly over 18 years old.
There is a very faint smell of weeds, but nothing is better than the smell emitted in the pharmacy.
Surprisingly, the only weed I \'ve seen here is under the display cabinet, unlike the pharmacy, where there\'s a lot of weeds on the shelves that customers can see clearly.
Clean and tidy rooms, bright white and friendly staff.
I think I\'m here to buy a cell phone.
I read the product on the shelf very briefly and there is nothing I am interested in: capsules, creams, the most striking is the $325 \"smart\" vaporizer.
There are some books on display;
I noticed a copy of \"on the road\" and a milk carton with some vintage vinyl.
These customers are asking questions to employees and educating themselves about the cannabis world.
4/20 annual cannabis celebration held last year on Capitol Hill.
Nowadays, cannabis culture is changing rapidly with the opening of legal stores.
Justin Tang/canada PRESSI has been to this place at least a few times when it was a \"pharmacy\" and the contrast between customers was obvious.
Not like curious people. turned-
This day, in addition to the customers, in the past, I have always been a quiet, rough stonemaker waiting to get some weeds from similar places --
Look at the staff
I quickly got tired of browsing and buzzing, so I approached the counter to place an order.
I am confused by the range of products and price ranges displayed on the video menu.
Thankfully, the staff who served me was aware of this and effectively persuaded me to settle down on a particular weed.
Although the first
The service and presentation were terrible and didn\'t feel very good.
Then I realized: these are not the same people as where I bought drugs before.
They were alert, and-
Dress up, eager to please.
They were trained and then I thought, \"Well, now I see, they\'re not Masons.
\"It\'s not that they don\'t like the occasional toke, but it\'s different.
I left with my brand paper shopping custom backpacks.
Later, I was disappointed when I was smoking.
Not a product, not a service, not a price.
I realize that buying drugs is the same as most things: big businesses and governments have legalized drugs.
Stoner culture has undergone a major change.
Marijuana is not just for the sake of getting higher, but for the sake of health.
People in the store today are more interested in developing a way of life than being buzzing.
Weeds have been packed and concentrated
To expand its appeal, it was grouped and re-imagined.
I will continue to buy the company\'s marijuana because it is very convenient.
But I will miss the kind, poor grades, harmless, stoner outsiders who have kept me humming for decades, and their gentle, pointless, obedient tendencies.
They are more unique and interesting than big marijuana.
Pete Thomas lives in Ottawa, close to 60 and 50, but still finds some tokes one of the simplest pleasures of life.
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