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Three important factors affecting the quality of luggage case

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
The material inside the good box and luggage is also quite comfortable. Generally, the logo of the luggage brand is placed on the box surface. The overall color of the lining is coordinated with the box, and the workmanship should be very fine. The lining and the box itself will also be pasted and look very comfortable. Under normal circumstances, the appearance of a good-quality luggage case is generally very positive, and the corners of the box are also made more symmetrical, flat down, usually when the four corners touch the ground, there will be no slight skew. There should also be no extra seams on the surface of the box, and there should be no rough feeling. The pull rod of good luggage is steel and looks very bright. The wheel will also look less stiff, somewhat like rubber. If the zipper of a good luggage case is made of copper, it looks very thick. If the zipper is used for a long time, it will not cause any color loss. And the zipper will feel smoother when pulled up. Shudla chooses YKK wide zipper, which is twice the width of ordinary luggage case in the first year of college. It looks like a subtle part, but it can further expand the capacity of the case. Since the friction between the wheels of the luggage case and the outside is the most, it is the most easily damaged part of the luggage case, and the pull rod of the luggage case is also the most easily damaged part. Therefore, if you want to choose a good-quality luggage case, it is best to have built-in pull rods and wheels. In this way, when traveling, whether it is checked or carried by yourself, you can reduce wear and tear, thereby increasing the service life of the box;
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