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Three factory selection standards that cannot be ignored in luggage customization

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
Towards the end of the year, more and more companies choose custom bags as year-end gifts. Customizing a bag with a corporate logo is not only fashionable, but also can promote its own brand, so choose a stylish design and excellent texture, and luggage that matches its own brand is very necessary. Custom luggage has always been a piece of'Xiangbobo' In addition, the threshold for luggage customization is relatively low and there is a lack of industry standards. Some small workshops and factories have virtually disrupted the luggage customization market, making the whole customized luggage market mixed. Then the question arises, how to choose a powerful custom luggage manufacturer? First: look at the brands that have been served, just like buying items on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong. If the products do not have 3C standards like electrical, you may wish to look at the brands that this company has served. If all the brands served are big brands, there should not be too much problem. For example, it has 11 years of experience in luggage customization, and has successively served the Xilong luggage customization manufacturers of large enterprises such as Coca-Cola, Dell, HP, Baidu, China Ping An, China CITIC Bank, Sinopec, etc, such enterprises can naturally buy with confidence. Second: look at the product design, since it is a custom bag, be sure to print the company's own LOGO. In other words, customized luggage is the second display image of the enterprise, which is no less than the print advertisement of the enterprise. Therefore, the design of bags must be high-end atmosphere on the grade, the most important thing is to coincide with the enterprise's own brand connotation. A properly designed bag, together with the LOGO display of the enterprise itself, can maximize the bonus points for the brand communication of the enterprise. Therefore, the design of luggage must be the top priority. Of course, the ability to show the strength of the enterprise depends on the product category of the luggage customization manufacturer. The more the product categories covered, the stronger the design strength of the enterprise. The design strength of enterprises covering a full range of products such as business backpacks, leisure backpacks, luggage cases, tool bags, travel bags and so on, such as Xilong luggage customization manufacturers, naturally belongs to the industry leader. Third: look at the workmanship and materials. A properly designed bag should naturally be displayed with the right fabric. Otherwise, if there is a quality problem, the enterprise brand will definitely fall off the grade. However, in some small workshops and factories, the workmanship of the products has cut corners and even purchased some luggage materials that are harmful to human body. Such bags can only be smeared for the brand of the enterprise. Therefore, it is better to spend more money to choose some powerful brands than to smear the brands because of small losses.
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