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Three factors for enterprises to customize canvas bags

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
We can see canvas bags everywhere on the street. Canvas bags have become a beautiful scenery line. Canvas bags have gradually integrated into our lives. Enterprises also gradually choose canvas bags as promotional gifts and employee gifts. What are the important factors for enterprises to customize canvas bags? 1. The weight of the canvas bag. Enterprises should first pay attention to the weight of custom-made canvas bags ( Weight refers to the grams of 1 square meter of cloth, and woven canvas fabric is expressed in Ann or ounce. Knitted canvas uses grams as the unit of measurement). The weight of canvas cloth is related to the warp and weft density of yarn count and fabric. The thicker the yarn count, the greater the density of cloth and the greater the weight. Xilong luggage custom-made manufacturers remind you that the higher the weight of the fabric, the more expensive the price. It is recommended that you determine which fabric to choose according to the quality of the canvas bag in the budget and the desired value when making the canvas bag. In addition, if the bag is made of denim canvas, it must be calculated in ounces. 2. Size of canvas bag. The width of canvas fabric determines how many canvas bags a meter of canvas can make. Therefore, the size of customized canvas bags is relatively special, which can easily cause waste of cloth. Therefore, after the customer has made clear the size of the canvas bag, he can reasonably control the development cost of the canvas bag and save the enterprise's canvas bag customization expenditure and time cost. 3. The design of canvas bag. In addition to the material requirements of custom-made canvas bags, the most important thing is the design sense of canvas bags. Color matching is one of the factors in designing canvas bags. There are more than 30 kinds of canvas fabrics in circulation on the market, and there are six to eight kinds of white colors. Customers can choose their favorite colors according to the color cards provided by canvas bag manufacturers. Xilong luggage customization manufacturers will design according to the color chosen by customers 1- The design scheme of 3 canvas bags allows customers to choose again according to the effect. The three major factors of customizing canvas bags for enterprises sorting out Xilong bags can enable customers to understand the customized elements of canvas bags, clarify the cost control of customizing canvas bags, and more effectively customize canvas bags and gifts. Canvas bag is a fashionable environment-friendly cloth bag, which has high requirements on both workmanship and material. If there is no high-quality effect, it will make people feel neither fish nor fowl, and customizing canvas bags and gifts is of little significance. Xilong luggage customized manufacturer has 12 years of customized experience and serves 3200 enterprises. It is your reliable canvas bag customized manufacturer.
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