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they make one move at a time to ensure a plastic-free home, tamil nadu | chennai news - times of india

by:Xilong      2019-08-21
The Tamil Nadu government may only now be aware of the idea of making plastic --
Free State, but home to 60 peopleyear-
A few years ago, old navanez Rahavan had been a \"plastic-free\" area.
Organic vegetables from a women\'s cooperative are delivered to the door in newspapers;
For many years, the florist has been hanging a plastic custom backpacks on the door handle, and the Jasmine string is surrounded by the door handle;
Nearby restaurants know that Navneeth always sends steel containers for takeout food.
Start from scratch
Waste and plastic-free houses, residents of the state have started from
The natural way of life, step by step.
Everyone who lives with me or works with me knows that plastic is unacceptable, says Navneeth, who works with compost activists.
Navneeth said: \"I always carry cloth shopping bags with me, and if I don\'t bring them, I take individual items to my car, she turned her old dupatas into a cloth custom backpacks through the tailor of Andhra Mahila Saba.
The only plastic entering her home, she says, is plastic packaging for food.
But I recycle it with a scrap dealer and if he doesn\'t show it I\'ll leave it in the company office at nungambakkabam.
Navneeth said I like to keep track of my plastics to make sure they go to the right place and she also compost wet waste in a small clay container on the balcony of the apartment on the fourth floor.
By the way, her birthday gift to a friend is almost always a custom backpacks of native organic fertilizer.
Four years ago, when Ritu Daga Bagdi, a resident of Coimbatore, decided to turn her home into plastic
Her neighbors and friends told her it was impossible.
So Ritu made a plan where she first replaced all her plastic containers with steel, glass and Tupperware.
\"My research found that Tupperware was made of fruit paste, so they were allowed to enter my home,\" she said . \".
There is no room for plastic bags in her home;
When a friend or relative takes them home, she returns it to them.
She also turned to organic sanitary pads, which were placed in creatures
Bags made of cassava and potatoes.
When it comes to toiletries, the family avoids anything with beads.
We only buy herbs and organic materials that we fill with glass bottles.
Our toothbrush is also made of bamboo.
She said that the pens and pencils we used were made of paper that later grew into saplings, adding that the only plastic in her home was toothpaste tubes and buckets.
Not once-
So I kept them.
But I won\'t buy a new one in the future.
About other plastic products, she said, I will collect them if there is one, and then sell them to the recycler.
Chennai Kotturpuram\'s Kripa Ramachandra goes further by buying oil and other groceries directly from factories and wholesale distributors.
We filled our containers.
We have stopped buying packaged food and shopping online, she said.
Kripa, a researcher at the Citizen consumer and citizen action group, said she decided to start a No.
Plastic tour a few months ago
This changed my way of life.
Whether it\'s wheat flour or milk bags, I\'m trying to make sure plastic doesn\'t get into my home.
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