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Thermal insulation bag manufacturers introduce the characteristics of thermal insulation bags

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
The fast-paced life makes many of our things begin to be convenient. Thermal insulation bags are the most practical bags in the 21st century. The thermal insulation bag is taken out, and it can be hot outdoors in winter. In summer, it can be cool at any time. Because of this special ability, the thermal insulation bag has successfully entered the promotional gift industry, the manufacturer of the thermal insulation bag now introduces the characteristics of the thermal insulation bag for the reference of the enterprise and merchant. 1. Heat preservation and cold preservation: heat preservation and cold preservation are the most basic functions of heat preservation bags. They are special bags with short-term heat preservation effect, which can keep cold/heat preservation. The heat preservation layer of the product is Pearl cotton aluminum foil tin foil, can provide good heat insulation effect. 2. Strong and durable: the thermal insulation bag is customized with good impact resistance, and is not easy to crack during heavy pressure or impact, leaving no scratches. 3, environmental protection: food grade environmental protection materials, non-toxic and tasteless, anti-UV, not easy to change color. 4. Sealing: this is the primary consideration for custom insulation bags. Although different brands of products have different sealing methods and packaging styles, excellent sealing is a necessary condition for keeping food fresh for a long time. Of course, the insulation bag customization can refer to the good brand insulation bag, and follow their style customization. 5. Preservation: The International sealing measurement standard is evaluated by moisture permeability test. The moisture permeability of high-quality thermal insulation bags is 200 times lower than that of similar products, which can maintain the freshness of food for a longer time. After knowing the characteristics of the above 5-point thermal insulation package, the enterprise merchants can customize a suitable thermal insulation package promotional gift according to the above, print the enterprise brand logo, and choose the enterprise brand image by virtue of it, I believe that good insulation bags can bring good brand exposure to enterprises and businesses outdoors.
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