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There are three points to pay attention to when buying a backpack

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
Backpack is one of the luggage devices that people use frequently in daily life. It is mainly a large-capacity backpack that can make it more convenient for us to travel, and at the same time make our travel more relaxed and comfortable. So if you want to buy a backpack, let's learn three points to pay attention to when buying a backpack. First, the choice of backpack fabric fabric is the main material for making luggage, and its quality directly affects the quality of luggage. The fabrics for making backpacks include nylon, canvas, leather, etc. Nowadays, it is relatively rare to choose canvas material. Although its wear resistance is good, the canvas material is heavier than nylon, and it is easy to wet but not easy to dry. Therefore, the fabric is to buy a backpack need to pay attention to one of the three points. Second, backpack capacity selection capacity is one of the important factors in choosing backpacks. When choosing a backpack, you need to consider your own factors and see how many large-capacity bags are most suitable for your own use. And generally choose backpack capacity, one is not too small, too small backpack practicality is not strong; The second is not too big, too big backpack use is not strong, there may be mobile balance problems. Therefore, the capacity of the backpack is one of the points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a backpack. Third, the choice of the carrying system the carrying system is to determine the comfort of the luggage, but the carrying system cannot absolutely solve the problem of backpack weight. For a good backpack, the carrying system generally distributes the weight of the backpack to all stressed parts of the body to prevent the weight from concentrating on the shoulders and causing the shoulders to be damaged due to overload. Therefore, carrying the system is the most important point in choosing a backpack.
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