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There are several styles to choose from for medical kit customization?

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
In the 21st century, the medical industry has become one of the important developments in China's scientific and technological research and development. Domestic policy support, with the acceleration of population aging and the expansion of overseas market demand, it has brought greater procurement demand for medical consumables and household medical equipment; As a result, many large and small medical device manufacturing enterprises have sprung up in China, and the rise of this industry has made medical instrument and equipment kits emerge as the times require. Medical kits are mainly used to store various medical devices and medical supplies, which play a role in timely handling emergency situations and improving medical work efficiency. There are many styles of medical kits, and each style is designed for different medical equipment. 1. Portable medical kit, medical kit big equipment, small medical gadgets. Portable Medical kits are generally used as first aid kits for families, and some medical gadgets, household medicines, bandages and other auxiliary products are transferred. Due to the small size of portable kits, they are usually suitable for camping, mountaineering and short-distance holiday travel, it can be used as a bag in a bag. 2. Double-shoulder medical kit double-shoulder medical kit is a professional first-aid household outsourcing, military exercises, field adventures and other special outdoor games. The material of the double-shoulder medical kit should be waterproof and wear-resistant. The shock-proof system should be designed inside, and moisture-proof materials should be added to ensure the normal use of medicines and medical tools outdoors, special circumstances will also design cold-proof, anti-corrosion and other effects. The appearance of the double-shoulder medical kit looks the same as that of an ordinary backpack, while the internal storage is structured and layered, with a clear and reasonable layout. 3. Pull-rod medical kit, medical equipment is usually large in size and weight. In order to be convenient and easy to carry, medical equipment is usually placed in the pull-rod medical kit. The pull rod medical kit requires strong bearing capacity, wear resistance and waterproofness. Nylon material above 1680D is commonly used as the main material, while elastic Pearl cotton will be designed internally to prevent shock and protect the storage safety of medical equipment in all directions.
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