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The three most commonly used travel bags for business people

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
Business people refer to white-collar workers, petty bourgeoisie and middle-class people. They belong to the middle and high-end consumer groups. They pay attention to the quality life of wearing and matching and interests, and not only pursue storage for bags and suitcases, the pursuit of more is professional clothing matching, personality design and quality. Business people travel on business trips is their most travel, and they can't forget to keep elegant temperament at any time when they are always on business trips, and the following is the second half of last year. ' Three most popular travel bags for business people'Data statistics. 1. Roller luggage case, roller luggage case is a nylon case among business people, with a size of 18-A 22-inch boarding box; Choose the rigorous and professional performance of the nylon box, and can put more clothes and office supplies, and the wheels of the nylon box will choose the roller trolley case of the universal wheel, especially for women who have no power to travel, it is more convenient. 2. Business backpacks/handbags business backpacks and handbags are bags that business people must replace when they arrive at the business trip. Business backpacks/handbags allow business people to take professional care of computers, and then bring simple office supplies to easily play, to meet customers, and more to show the professionalism of business people. 3. Leisure backpack, leisure backpack can be as small as possible, can be convenient for business travelers to store, but if you are going to see customers, you have to bring it. Because you don't know whether the customer wants to talk seriously or spend it easily in entertainment, you should keep one hand at each point and deal with emergencies easily and simply.
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