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The three favorite styles of luggage

by:Xilong      2020-04-05
As early as before the liberation of luggage, due to the spread of European and American culture, China's high-ranking nobles and social celebrities were affected one after another, and luggage was regarded as a symbol representing their identity, status and wealth. Until today after liberation, luggage has various styles, which is not only a symbol of status, but also an indispensable decoration for clothes. Therefore, luggage designers follow the footsteps of history, dig for inspiration from every divergence of art and design bags of different styles according to different occasions. The design style of luggage, which has always been loved by the trend, will be listed by Xilong. A traditional style luggage, traditional style luggage is derived from modern society'Office workers'Designed for traditional costumes. This kind of luggage is usually a briefcase/bag, with elegant and stiff style and a solemn and noble charm, which makes people dare not hip hop. The traditional style bags and suitcases didn't fall out of favor because of his seriousness. On the contrary, they were favored by business people and kept all the time. Second, urban style luggage, nowadays, high-rise buildings are no longer a dream, and the changes of the times have also derived urban style luggage, which has the elegance and romance of modern metropolitan lifestyle, it is always presented in plain and elegant colors and simple lines, with dignified taste, playfulness or liveliness, which is usually suitable for young people to carry at work, and attending a friend's party after work will not seem serious. Xilong bags launched this year'Light Fashion'The series of bags are designed in urban style. Third, casual style luggage, this is the trend of the rise of the 20th century luggage style, leisure as the theme, get rid of the traditional, stiff traditional style, style colorful and diverse, design lines lively, the details are rich and nifty, colorful and changeable, which can store bright colors and light colors, giving people a relaxed and comfortable feeling, casual style bags are always the favorite of young women with small and unique appearance. Of course, there are also casual style bags suitable for men, mainly because the color is not too bright. In addition, casual style bags and bags also have sports style packaging, giving people a feeling of youth and vigor. Sports style luggage is the preferred style of outdoor backpack, mountaineering backpack is a classic example. Xilong Xiaobian provides the above most favored style of luggage, so that customers can better understand the symbolic of each different style of luggage, and no longer be disappointed when choosing the style of luggage, and you can quickly choose the luggage and gifts that are most suitable for your customers according to your style.
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