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The 'three big brands' promotion plan for the May Day holiday

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
During the May Day holiday, when the working people of the country have a holiday, how can merchants have a great opportunity to have a holiday? Naturally, it is a big promotion ceremony while the flow of people comes. There are new promotions every year. How can this year's merchants seize the hearts of customers? Xiaobian collects the most effective promotion methods since the general for your reference and discussion. A promotional foil, the so-called'Perfect Match' It is the combination of pearls and beautiful jade, which combines nobility, elegance and auspicious things together, and compares talents or beautiful things together. Our promotion activities can play star cards, but it is not a hot one. We also need hot stars who match our products with the company's image to take over our products and set off the promotion site. Second, there will be not only may day on May, but also Mother's Day on May 11. Enterprises can use the footsteps of Mother's Day to position Mother's Day activities as the May Day promotion activities to' Thanksgiving Mother's Day, purchase gift', Or'Give your mother a sign of love' Such sensational topics induce customers to have emotions and achieve purchasing behavior. Three promotional temptation cards, promotional gifts are even more indispensable in promotional activities. Promotional gifts should be selected according to the theme of the event, the company's products and the company's image, and low-cost, high-grade promotional gifts should be selected to induce customers to purchase them. May Day is one of the industries with high sales volume and the best choice for promotional gifts because of the long holiday travel industry and the return home. However, the vast majority of enterprises will choose the luggage customization gift industry. When meeting the travel needs of customers, they will choose the luggage style that conforms to the company's image, and generally choose backpacks or satchels, kuoda's enterprises will choose high-end PC luggage case. Luggage customization gift industry gift costs are low, styles are various and styles are different, and there is always one that conforms to the brand image of the enterprise. The enterprise is generally in the luggage customization industry. The main reason is that he can print the corporate brand logo, promote the corporate brand, and expose the long-term brand logo so that the old customers can remember and the potential customers can remember.
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