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The shopping bag

by:Xilong      2019-09-29
I personally don\'t like grocery shopping, so I created a system that lists the basic ingredients needed to run a house.
This is the weekly rations given to the designated staff for purchase.
However, I have to admit that recently, with so many \"fantasy\" ingredients in many \"fantasy\" stores in the city, I began to like grocery shopping.
Since my life is almost centered on seeking a healthy choice, careful and frequent grocery shopping has become a necessity.
So I would like to list some of my favorite food for shopping.
But before that, please remember the following points: 1.
Discover \"luxury shops\" in your area \".
Nowadays, even vegetable vendors on the roadside have a variety of agricultural products.
Find someone with high quality ingredients and keep all your requirements. 2.
Make a shopping list and stick to it.
There are always hundreds of super
I suggest that if the seasonal item is not on your list, do not add it to the bag. 3.
Remember to carefully analyze the list of nutrition labels and ingredients, especially if you plan to buy brands that are different from regular brands.
: This huge creamy vegetable is delicious if stirred.
Fry, steam, fry, bake, add stews or add to the smoothies.
It\'s easy to buy, but please order from your supplier if you can\'t find it.
At least it\'s a good idea to add it to your diet3 times a week.
: It\'s hard to find mature, but I\'m sure the supplier will be happy to meet your needs if you are a regular customer.
Once you find the mature ones, store them so that you can use them as fast food when repairing.
I like to cut it in half and squeeze a lot of lemon out of it and eat it directly from the shell with a spoon.
Sunflower and flax seeds are nutrition warehouses.
Buy a dose for a week, not more.
They rot if they are kept in bulk.
: This super seed, which is completely protein-free, is the star ingredient of many dishes.
Make a salad or substitute rice with it as much as possible.
Red or white quinoa is available here.
The benefits of buying anything you like are worth it.
: This high calcium high protein soft cheese is easy to buy in most places.
Make sure you\'re buying a freshly made Feida cheese instead of a ready-made product.
This nut butter is rich in protein and fat.
Spread a spoonful on a glass of milk or multiple toast and it is an ideal breakfast.
If you are not easy to find this in the store, there are many home chefs who will be freshly prepared according to the order.
A quick Google search will find the right place for you. Keep Shopping! Stay Healthy!
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