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The service object of spot customization of luggage and bags

by:Xilong      2020-04-05
In recent years, luggage products have become more and more popular. They are not only practical and convenient, but also fashionable and generous. They are essential decorations and are deeply loved by people. With the development of the luggage industry, many luggage manufacturers even offer luggage customization service, which is favored by many enterprises. Major enterprises are looking for luggage manufacturers to customize creative luggage as employee gifts and business gifts, in order to enhance the brand image of the enterprise, and received good results. However, before receiving orders, luggage manufacturers usually have a quantity requirement for each product, generally requiring 500 customization. If the quantity does not meet the requirements, luggage manufacturers usually quote too high or do not accept orders directly. Due to the small orders, high service costs and low profits of small batch customers, many luggage manufacturers are unwilling to serve these small batch customers, and it is inevitable that small batch customers will hit a wall everywhere. For a long time, the number of small batch customer customization is small, the negotiation chip is low, and it is wronged. In order to better serve small wholesale customers, Xilong luggage customization manufacturers have launched spot customization services to solve the problem that no one is willing to do small orders. Spot customization service focuses on small orders, and small batch customers are the main service objects. We will provide the best quality luggage products, 10 pieces customized, 3 days delivery, so that small buyers spend less money.
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