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The name of the part on the luggage (Next)

by:Xilong      2020-03-30
Last time we talked about' The name of the part on the luggage is called by professional terms'Today we will continue to talk about it. Bags include business backpacks, shoulder bags, satchels, waist bags, pull rod bags, shopping bags, etc. Each luggage accessory is made up of different substances. In the structural analysis of the bag body, the parts occupy a very important position and are the basis of the bag body. Zipper tail leather: A part sewn at both ends of the zipper so that the zipper will not spread. Ear: a small part used to fix a square buckle or D buckle or sew on both ends of the zipper to grab hands. Lock skin: ears installed on the lock. Outer bag: various three-dimensional bags on the front and back frames, also called attached bags. Slide pocket: a flat bag located at all levels of the bag, whose specific name is determined by its parts, such as Front slide pocket, back slide pocket, front and inner slide pocket, etc. Organ bag: the side of the bag is like an accordion-like pleated three-dimensional bag. One-side and double-side organ pockets with open, zip pocket and flap. Hanging Bag: a small bag with a depth of less than the bottom of the main bag. It refers to the inner bag of the zipper window and also refers to various hanging bags designed outside the handbag. Zipper window: refers to the window whose width is less than the zipper hanging bag at both ends of the part. Middle compartment: The main bag of the luggage is divided into two or more compartments. Strap: the shoulder strap of the bag has various designs of fixed, movable and adjustable. Hand: single strap or double strap for luggage. Handle: also called handle. The luggage parts that play the role of carrying are smaller in span and shorter in length than those of hand-held parts. Lining: The material of the inner layer of the luggage. For the name of the part on the luggage, the name of the professional term Xilong Xiaobian is temporarily sorted out here. It may not be very comprehensive. You are welcome to add advice from the luggage experts to share the knowledge of the luggage.
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