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The main difference between boarding box and suitcase

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
The boarding case is the same as the suitcase, which belongs to the travel bag category, but the size is different. The boarding case is relatively small. It is usually 20 inches, 18 inches and 16 inches, the suitcase is usually larger than 24 inches or 24 inches. If the travel time is not long, it may not be so big, it will use 20 inches. The luggage is a little different from the boarding case and suitcase, because it is portable and laborious. The luggage with the pull rod used to be rare now. Different airlines have different regulations on registered bags, because the size standards of airlines have been changing. It is recommended that you first inquire about the specific boarding box size standards of your airline before flying. 1. For domestic flights, the total weight of passengers' hand luggage should not exceed 5 kg, and the volume of each piece of luggage should not exceed 20×40 ×55 cm ( May vary according to the requirements of each airline). There is a luggage basket for passengers to test the size of their hand luggage at the security check site. If passengers' luggage can be put into the standard basket, the luggage can be carried with them, otherwise it needs to be checked. 2. Take international flights, usually, the total weight of hand luggage should not exceed 7 kg, and the volume of each luggage should not exceed 20×40 ×55 cm (The sum of the three sides does not exceed 115). Passengers on the US-Canada route can only carry one hand luggage. ( Some airlines have special weight restrictions. Please pay attention to the tips on the ticket or consult the airline.
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