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The layout of luggage ordering process

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
Discharge is the technical work of material cutting, which can save raw materials for material cutting. Generally, in a set of paper grids, the paper grids are different in size, and the specifications of raw materials always have a fixed width data, which generally has four widths of 54 inches, 56 inches, 58 inches and 60 inches. A width is often insufficient for a piece of paper. In order to save raw materials, we also arranged a small piece of paper to make full use of the remaining raw materials of X pieces of hand. The following rules should be observed in general: first, large paper grids should be arranged first and small paper grids should be arranged later. Second, the layout should consider the surface pattern and the texture of the raw material. The surface pattern is positive, oblique, horizontal and inverted, and the paper grid should also be positive, oblique and inverted. The inner texture of handbag raw materials, especially genuine leather, is divided into horizontal lines and straight lines. Grasp the two ends of the raw material by hand and stretch, and the horizontal lines have the stretching force; Straight lines are those without stretching force. The horizontal pattern has strong folding force, and the bag cover, hand arm and strap that need to swing frequently should be arranged according to the horizontal pattern. Straight grain has strong supporting force and can withstand extrusion without deformation. Front and rear frames and most components should be discharged according to straight grain. Horizontal grain may become longer in the process of car, while straight grain may not, pay special attention.
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