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the front page podcast: nz citizens spied on, cannabis legalisation on the table

by:Xilong      2019-09-07
Every working day, the front page will let you know the biggest news in New Zealand.
Today, it could be an illegal espionage strategy from government agencies. . .
Recreational marijuana use that will be voted on. . .
There are 200 jobs as companies enter bankruptcy management. . .
The biggest winner of the music year.
Hosted by Cook.
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A damn report confirms that government agencies use private investigators to spy on New Zealand citizens.
This is called an offense to democracy and can lead to police action.
The report came from National Service Commissioner Peter Hughes, who detailed a list of acts that violated the national service code of conduct, including potential illegal recordings of insurance claimants, public sector employees visit the New Zealand Transport Agency database of private investigative companies Thompson and Clark to pay for whistleblowers and monitor greens and iwi.
The report found an unauthorized private investigator.
Attend the meeting secretly without revealing the purpose or the identity of the customer.
Electronic recordings of the meeting were made without the knowledge or consent of the participants, some of which have been closed.
Engage with civil servants who have access to sensitive information for employment at the commission level II.
Visit the motor vehicle register for potential improper purposes.
Clients are advised not to disclose to the police sources of information improperly obtained.
Monitoring may provide information to government agencies provided by private sector clients, but does not disclose the source and nature of the information provided.
Hughes said he was responsible for what happened as head of the national service.
He apologized to those individuals who had been violated by state civil servants or contractors without reservation.
Hughes also severely criticized the exercise of democratic rights by government agencies against the people of New Zealand.
Some groups are reported to be considered security threats.
The groups include Greenpeace, the Greens, the Mana Movement, and some of the North East coast and tallanaki iwi organizations.
This is an offence to democracy, he said, and government agencies should not allow this to happen.
Hughes has released new model standards to ensure that the agency does not monitor without careful consideration and consistent procedures.
For more information on the story, in a binding referendum, clicking on hereVoters will be asked to pick an aspect of recreational cannabis use in the 2020 election.
The Justice Department, Andrew litter, said they were still working on how to give details of the issue, but they warned the election commission that the issue was going on.
Holding a referendum on recreational cannabis use on or before the 2020 election day is part of the Labor and Green Party Trust and supply agreement.
Littel said they might also include a question about euthanasia in the story, where karel Sroubek\'s estranged wife posted audio on angry calls between them, in which Sroubek seemed to become desperate, and talk about sending \"someone to talk\" to her \".
Prior to his release, Sroubek wrote a letter to The Herald stating that his marriage dispute was at the heart of his immigration legend and that it had become \"evil politicised\"
He said he never threatened his wife.
Now his separated wife has released a video recording of the phone through national justice spokesman Mark Mitchell in response to Sroubek\'s letter.
In the letter, Sroubek appeared to be angry at the fact that his estranged wife, without presenting him, sent a letter to his lawyer in support of his immigration case.
He accused her of changing his mind to read the letter.
Connect it to the person she\'s dating.
Sroubek called from prison.
According to the Official Information Act, this was recorded and released by correctional officers to the separated wife.
For more information on this story, click here. The government has unveiled a proposed migration reform package, saying it will simplify the system and make it easier for businesses and regions to access skilled workers.
Immigration Minister Ian Leith
Galloway said the changes will help industries that experience labor shortages get the support they need. Lees-
Galloway said the framework would be the employer-
Not immigration but leadership. led.
He attacked the \"one\" of the previous government. size-fits-
The current visa system does not meet the unique labor needs of each region, they said.
Each region can list the skills they lack so they can get the immigrants they need.
The proposed changes will now be negotiated by March 18, 2019 and final decisions will be announced by mid-term2019.
For more information on this story, click on hereAuckland company Precision Foundry in Bankruptcy Management, which has 200 positions.
The casting company, named Masport foundry, was acquired in October 2014 by private equity firm Challenge Partners.
The recipients of KordaMentha, Grant Graham and Pravin Bhana, were appointed this morning.
The company is the country\'s leading manufacturer of cast iron and alloy cast iron from Wellington mountain factory.
Paul Ayers, director of Challenge Partners, said that the higher New Zealand dollar and the factory failure caused a 10-month decline in production, posing a Challenge for the company.
He said tight profits meant the company could not reinvest its aging factories.
For more information on the story, the click-on hereA petition signed by 143,000 people has been submitted to parliament for an appeal against women who killed 15 peopleyear-
Old air force student Nathan Kraatskow in a warm-up matchand-run in May.
The day before her Mercedes hit Kraatskow, Rouxle Le Roux drank and smoked marijuana as he rode a small bike through the intersection. The 15-year-
Old man died at the scene.
Lux and two of her passengers failed to park.
She is currently sentenced to 11 months of family detention and 250 hours of community work for dangerous driving.
Nathan\'s father, Orion, said Le Roux laughed at the justice system, and their cheeky, loving boy was deprived of his dream of serving in the air force.
The petition will now be submitted to Parliament.
For more information on the story, with the intervention of the Minister of Education, clicking on the name of hereVictoria University will remain the same.
The University Council formally applied in September to change the name of the institution to the University of Wellington.
But Education Minister Chris Higgins rejected the plan.
Council consultations showed that there were differences among staff on the issue of renaming --
Alumni and students are strongly opposed.
More information on the story click the underwater robot is helping New Zealand prepare for the next marine disaster. The 2011 Rena disaster shows how difficult it is to track and control the leakage of 350 tons of heavy fuel oil.
In New Zealand\'s vast marine heritage-the eighth-such incidents have occurred.
The biggest on earth-will be a bigger nightmare.
Niwa scientist Dr. Helen McDonald said that we have very little data collected on the shelf, which is 200 deep.
But modeling is open if this cannot be done
In detail, marine disasters are difficult.
MacDonald and other scientists are now using a combination of Niwa computer models and statesof-the-
Develop an Art Marine glider with advanced forecasting tools.
Ocean gliders can provide higher resolution views of relatively small ocean parts, she said, but because they move, high resolution views can be provided
They need the resolution data of the place and time.
For more information about this story, click hereA NZ-
All single persons are banned.
The use of plastic bags will take effect from July 1.
The assistant secretary of the environment, Eugenie Sage, confirmed this today after the cabinet agreed on the proposed regulations for mandatory national phasing out of bags.
The ban will apply to all new plastic shopping bags whose handles are made of plastic with a thickness of up to 70 microns.
This includes light.
Supermarket big custom backpacks, heavy boutique-
Stylish shopping bags and \"emergency\" bags currently available in some supermarkets as a replacement for free singleuse custom backpacks.
It will also include bags containing this type of plastic made of degraded plastic, regardless of whether the plastic material comes from a fossil or not
Biological sources such as fuel, synthetic compounds, or plants.
Plastic shopping bags are a danger to nature, especially marine wildlife, and can also introduce harmful micro-plastics into the food chain, Sage said.
For more information on this story, please click on the part of hereA\'s victory over rapper Eminem\'s National Party.
The party won an appeal for its copyright violation fine of 2014-
When its campaign ads use Eminem-style tracks, music that is thought to be too similar to Eminem songs gets lost.
It was originally asked to pay a loss of $600,000, but has now been reduced to $225,000.
For more information about this story, please click here. Six60 will continue to rule New Zealand music for a year.
The band topped the New Zealand album charts with £ 2018.
They also occupied the top three positions in the countdown to New Zealand singles, with a warm atmosphere, don\'t give up, and get closer.
Ed Sheeran\'s gap became the biggest album of the year for the second year in a row.
Drake got the best single and God\'s plan is nine weeks.
This is the front page of today on Tuesday, December 18, making sure you see the biggest news of the day.
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