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the fascinating history of the shopping trolley

by:Xilong      2019-09-21
A lady used an early shopping cart, and the design is still in use.
Image source: oklaoma edif has an invention that proves how far technology has gone in the last 80 years, which could be a humble shopping cart.
It looks simple, of course, when we buy groceries every week, we take it for granted, but it\'s not always that easy.
Long ago, shoppers had to struggle with the limitations of wicker or wire baskets.
That said, until 1937, the owner of the Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain in Homer came up with a revolutionary idea at the time: put a bigger basket on the wheel and let people continue shopping.
The idea, which would eventually give Sylvan Goldman considerable wealth, was later seen as an innovation driving the American capitalist forces.
In a television documentary about Goldman\'s life, his shopping cart is called \"the biggest development in the history of goods \".
\"But it didn\'t catch up immediately.
The men thought they were Sissy, and the woman remembered pushing the stroller.
They have obviously had enough of the task.
39-trying to shake public opinion-year-
In order to promote the new grocery store function, the old inventor came up with some newspaper advertisements. “It’s new —
Very sensational.
Don\'t carry the basket any more! ” read one.
\"Can you imagine winding in a spacious food market without having to carry a bulky shopping basket with you? ” read another.
However, they proved to be invalid.
In an interview with CBS 1977, Goldman Sachs recalled the difficulties he had encountered in getting the American public to accept his invention.
\"Housewives, most of them decided, \'Give me no more carts.
I have pushed enough strollers.
\"I don\'t want to push anymore,\" he said . \".
\"People would say, \'You mean, my arm is so big that I can\'t carry such a damn little basket?
He won\'t touch it either.
This is a complete failure.
Despite the Luddites of grocery shopping, Goldman Sachs stuck to it and hired attractive men and women to push the shopping cart around his store --
Proved to be a genius every move.
Once they were finally considered fashionable enough, the trolley took off.
Not only did his business hit the nail, but Goldman Sachs began selling his work to other supermarket chains, and by 1940 he had owned 7-
Waiting list for year
A supermarket chain bought by Goldman Sachs in Russia.
Source: The inspiration for supli\'s first shopping cart came from a wooden folding chair.
Photo: Missouri Historical Society.
Source: The process of providing access to the shopping cart is by no means simple.
Initially, Goldman has trained his staff to be alert to any customer whose baskets are full or seem to be under weight.
The clerk will put the basket on the counter and let them continue shopping.
When this proves not to be an effective system, Goldman Sachs considers arranging grocery store shelves in a tortuous way, connecting baskets to rail tracks, and allowing customers to shuffle on the assembly line.
It\'s no surprise that the idea is not proven to be a winner.
Finally, the design of the trolley was inspired by a wooden folding chair in the Goldman Sachs office.
One day, when he was sitting in the office looking at the chair, the chair came to him.
What if he put the wheel at the bottom of the chair and had a second base to support the other basket?
According to folklore, he ran down the stairs to find Fred Young, a handyman at the store, who spent hours tinkering with the design.
After the first attempt to collapse with a wooden chair under the weight of the basket, they designed another basket with a metal frame.
The design soon evolved into what Goldman Sachs called a \"Folding Basket Carrier,\" which he submitted to the Patent Office --
The move, when he died in 1984, gave birth to a half-billion-dollar real estate and retail empire.
Today, the bigger single basket successor Goldman originally designed is still in use.
Original patent applied by Silwan Goldman in 1938.
Image source: Google PatentsSource: provided Goldman Sachs with its first shopping cart and its successor, the design that is still in use today.
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