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The difference between Oxford cloth and canvas, a common fabric for custom bags

by:Xilong      2020-03-25
When buying bags and suitcases, I often lack knowledge of various fabrics and don't know what fabrics are better. Today, Xilong bags and suitcases Xiaobian mainly talks about the difference between Oxford cloth and canvas bags, I hope I can help you. First, the main features of Oxford cloth: also known as Oxford spinning, originally colored fabrics. It is easy to wash and dry quickly, feels soft, hygroscopic and comfortable. Oxford cloth is mostly interwoven with polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn, and adopts weft double flat or square flat structure. Second, the main features of canvas: the warp and weft yarns are made of thick and thick fabrics woven by multiple strands, which are characterized by tightness, thickness, hard hand feeling, firmness and wear resistance. Third, the main difference between Oxford cloth and canvas: Oxford cloth bags are more wear-resistant and harder than canvas bags. Oxford cloth luggage is breathable but not waterproof, canvas luggage is waterproof but not breathable. When purchasing or customizing luggage, please combine the actual situation of using luggage to select the fabric of the luggage, or consult the luggage professional.
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